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Monday September 30th, 2019 evening edition

image for ‘We’re organizing to improve lives’: New York fast-food workers push to unionize

The Fight for $15 low wage movement has long had two goals: winning a $15 -an-hour wage for low-paid workers and a union for fast-food workers.

A Manhattan-based union local that works closely with the Fight for $15 has launched an effort to unionize Chipotle and McDonald’s workers, getting workers at more than 50 restaurants to sign pro-union cards.

We’re organizing in order to lift workers and improve their lives.”.

Union officials say a majority of the hundreds of fast-food workers organizers have approached have signed cards supporting a union.

Jeremy Espinal, who works at a Chipotle in Greenwich Village, said he supports unionization because managers often treat workers with little respect.

The more than 40 Chipotle restaurants in New York where Local 32BJ has begun organizing efforts are all owned and run by the parent company.

“A majority of people who work at Chipotle” in New York “are minorities or immigrants or children of immigrants”, he said. »

Antibiotic resistance: researchers have directly proven that bacteria can change shape inside humans to avoid antibiotics

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Some of the ways that bacteria become resistant to antibiotics is through changes in the bacteria’s genome.

We have directly shown that bacteria can “change shape” in the human body to avoid being targeted by antibiotics – a process that requires no genetic changes for the bacteria to continue growing.

Combining cell wall active antibiotics with ones that would kill L-forms might be one solution of fighting antibiotic resistant infections. »

Whistleblower's Lawyers Say Trump Has Endangered Their Client as President Publicly Threatens 'Big Consequences'

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"We expect this situation to worsen, and to become even more dangerous for our client and any other whistleblowers.".

Bakaj cited Trump's suggestion behind closed doors last week that the people who informed the whistleblower should be executed as an example of the president endangering the safety of his client.

Ari Berman, journalist for Mother Jones, said the complaint details misconduct that is "as bad, if not worse, than Watergate.". »

Jamie Vardy has now scored 85 Premier League goals - one more than Cristiano Ronaldo

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During that campaign, he also set a record of his own by becoming the first player to score in 11 consecutive league matches.

Although Leicester haven't reached those lofty heights in the years since, Vardy has continued to score goals and he's done it consistently too.

So far this season, the striker has bagged five goals in seven games and with two in Sunday's fixture against Newcastle, he's now netted 85 Premier League goals in his career. »