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Sunday September 29th, 2019 day edition

image for Pinkwashing: Only 8% Of NFL Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise Sales Goes Towards Actual Cancer Research

October has begun its departure, but in the NFL the push for breast cancer awareness remains steadfast.

Players sport pink wrist bands, coaches don pink caps, and even the networks airing the games have used pink first down markers in their broadcasts.

More noticeably, the league has been selling pink merchandise in its retail outlets, highlighting that a portion of all proceeds go toward fighting breast cancer.

Breast cancer awareness campaigns tend to get a lot of flak.

On an item costing $100, that’s $12.50 to the NFL, $11.25 of which goes to the ACS.

On top of that, the ACS only uses 71.2 percent of the money donated to go toward cancer research.

The American Cancer Society and the general public benefit from learning about breast cancer — or at least being exposed to it. »

China unveils 500 megapixel camera that can identify every face in a crowd of tens of thosands

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Chinese scientists have developed a 500 megapixel facial recognition camera four times more detailed than the human eye that can identify individuals from crowds of tens of thousands in streets or at sports stadiums.

Dubbed the 'super camera', the technology was unveiled by researchers at China's International Industry Fair last week.

The new 500 megapixel, or 500 million pixel, camera will help to remedy this. »

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Class Action Lawsuit Claims Joy-Cons are 'Defective'

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The law firm of Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith have amended its class-action lawsuit on behalf of anyone who purchased a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo could find itself the target of a class action lawsuit over the drift problem found in its Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.The law firm of Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith (CSK&D) has filed a class action lawsuit against Nintendo in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington.

CSK&D has also seen enough complaints over the Joy-Con to open a class action lawsuit in the first place. »

John Kelly reportedly used to mute the line during calls with world leaders to urge Trump not to discuss sensitive topics

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White House advisers such as former chief of staff John Kelly even sought to prevent Trump from divulging sensitive information to world leaders, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

Kelly reportedly used to mute the line and urge Trump to stop discussing sensitive information.

Read more: The White House reportedly tried to conceal transcripts of Trump's calls with other world leaders, including Russia's Putin and Saudi Arabia's Mohammad bin Salman. »

Fossil sheds light on hummingbird origins

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Fossil remains of the rare birds have been identified from a site in Germany, extending the age of hummingbirds well back in time.

“It is the first definite record of a modern-type hummingbird found in the Old World,” he said.

Previously, the oldest known hummingbirds were dated 1 million to 2 million years ago, based on remains found in cave deposits in Central America, Mayr said. »