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Friday September 27th, 2019 night edition

image for Airline introduces baby seat map to allow passengers to avoid infants

Now Japan Airlines has revealed a new tool that lets you dodge infants when you book your seat.

"Passengers traveling with children between 8 days and 2 years old who select their seats on the JAL website will have a child icon displayed on their seats on the seat selection screen," reads the airline's website.

The move will be a boon for travelers who like to avoid babies.

Before babyphobes get too excited, Japan Airlines cautions that the baby map will not display child icons in certain situations.

If you are taking a small child on your trip, JAL offers a number of services to make your experience better.

The airline provides a number of strollers for rent in the airport, and will accept baby strollers as checked baggage for free.

Passengers traveling with infants also enjoy priority boarding, and offers hot water for bottles as well as diaper changing facilities on board. »

The Rolex Murder: How police caught killer from a single clue

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On July 28, 1996, a man’s body was found in the net of the Brixham trawler Malkerry six miles off Teignmouth.

Six weeks later, after researching Rolex’s meticulous service records, officers established that the victim was 51-year-old former soldier Ronald Platt.

Following Mr Platt’s trail to Essex, a landlord pointed officers in the direction of Mr Platt’s “best friend”. »

Coal industry continues sharp decline despite Trump's promised revival

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– This city, with its massive coal-fired power plant and rich coal mine next to it, is definitely Trump Country.

But since he took office, U.S. coal consumption has hit a 41-year low and coal plant closures have actually accelerated.

Cheap natural gas from fracking is making coal less competitive, along with falling prices for wind and solar power. »

Army warns soldiers to be ready for potential violence by incels at 'Joker' screenings: reports

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Military commanders are warning service members about the potential for mass shootings at screenings of the upcoming film "Joker", according to media reports.

In a Sept. 18 memo, the Army told soldiers to “identify two escape routes” and “run, hide, fight."

The Army issued the memo in response to social media posts from so-called "incels" that were uncovered by the FBI, the website said. »

Facebook confirms its “standards” don’t apply to politicians

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Speech from politicians is officially exempt from the platform's fact checking and decency standards, the company has clarified, with a few exceptions.

Facebook at the time was uncertain how to handle posts from the Trump campaign, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Clegg's update says that Facebook by default "will treat speech from politicians as newsworthy content that should, as a general rule, be seen and heard." »