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Monday September 23rd, 2019 morning edition

image for Global Warming May Dwindle the Supply of a Key Brain Nutrient

A new analysis predicts that by 2100, increasing water temperatures brought on by a warming planet could result in 96 percent of the world’s population not having access to an omega-3 fatty acid crucial to brain health and function.

It is the most common fatty acid in the mammalian brain and plays a key role in the survival and function of our neural cells, especially during the organ’s development.

Our bodies do not make much DHA, so, for the most part, we obtain it through diet.

Plants and meats have modest amounts of the fatty acid, but the most abundant source by far is fish (or fish-derived supplements).

Marine agriculture such as projects now underway in Japan might be essential to saving ourselves and the planet.

Other researchers are using genetic engineering to grow plants with a more available form of the fatty acid.

Yet she admits the outcome does not look good: “I don’t think this is something we can ignore. »

The World Unites on One Thing: No One Wants a Princess Bride Remake

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But countrymen, I do believe we have found one cause behind which all can rally: Nobody wants a Princess Bride remake.

A recent Variety story about Princess Bride producer Norman Lear’s new deal with Sony first introduced this hypothetical possibility.

(Lear produced several films through his company Act III Productions, including Princess Bride and Fried Green Tomatoes.). »

What Is The Happiest Song On Earth?

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An initial study revealed that “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen was the world’s happiest song.

The world’s current happiest song, according to researcher Jacob Jolij, who came up with the formula used in the happiest song selection, is “Mr. Blue Sky” by the Electric Light Orchestra.

When coming up with the formula, he also surveyed over 2,000 people to see which songs made them the happiest. »

There’s a New Case of a Rabbi Sucking on a Newborn’s Penis and Giving Him Herpes

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If that wasn’t disgusting enough, some of the mohels have had herpes simplex, passing the virus on to the children.

A child diagnosed with neonatal herpes following ritual Jewish circumcision was reported to the Health Department in early September 2019.

Religious freedom can’t be an excuse to get away with something that would never be tolerated outside of the religious bubble. »

A deepfake pioneer says 'perfectly real' manipulated videos are just 6 months away

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Deepfake artist Hao Li, who created a Putin deepfake for an MIT conference this week, told CNBC on Friday that "perfectly real" manipulated videos are just six to 12 months away.

Li had previously said that he expected "virtually undetectable" deepfakes to be "a few years" away.

A deepfake pioneer said in an interview with CNBC on Friday that "perfectly real" digitally manipulated videos are just six to 12 months away from being accessible to everyday people. »