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Tuesday September 17th, 2019 morning edition

image for In an 'I am Spartacus' moment, Birmingham Weather Office staff members refused to reveal who wrote the tweet contradicting Trump's incorrect Hurricane Dorian forecast

A staffer at National Weather Service's office in Birmingham set the record straight in a tweet.

Employees told the New York Times that they still stand behind the tweet, despite the controversy surrounding Alabama (see: Sharpiegate).

One employee, Michael Garrison, told the New York Times that the tweet wasn't politically motivated.

On September 1, Trump said that Hurricane Dorian was headed to Alabama.

At that point, the eye of the storm was over the Bahamas, where it would cause destruction.

Read more: The storm has moved on, but Alabamans are still divided over Trump's fake Hurricane Dorian warning.

Instead, he altered a map from the National Hurricane Center showing the hurricane's outdated path headed toward Alabama. »

The US sent bomb-sniffing dogs to Jordan. Now they're dying from poor treatment

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(CNN) Bomb-sniffing dogs sent from the United States to its Middle Eastern ally Jordan are falling ill and dying due to poor treatment and negligence, a federal investigation has found.

Even those who survive are suffering from "unhealthy conditions," such as inadequate kennels, poor sanitation, and overwork.

For more than 20 years, the US has sent bomb-sniffing and specially trained dogs to partner nations under an anti terrorism assistance program. »

Boris Johnson ‘chickens’ out of own press conference amid noisy protests, leaving empty podium next to Luxembourg’s PM

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Boris Johnson failed to turn up to his own press conference as noisy anti-Brexit protesters vented their anger, in extraordinary scenes in Luxembourg on Monday.

A UK government source said he would instead do a clip in private with broadcasters away from the assembled public and press.

“What is the point of a press conference if the press cannot hear?” »

Scotland move to join EU has to be 'seriously considered', says Van Rompuy

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Herman Van Rompuy said there was now "much more sympathy" for European regions seeking EU membership.

And Mike Russell, Scotland's constitutional relations secretary believes there is now a path open for an independent Scotland to "walk into" EU membership.

Mr Van Rompuy told the BBC the process of joining the EU was "complicated" but that an application from Scotland would have to be "very seriously" considered. »