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Saturday September 14th, 2019 night edition

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Rahm Emanuel helped Chicago police cover up Laquan McDonald’s murder for more than a year, but ABC viewers Thursday night had to listen to him say he thought Julián Castro had been too unkind to Joe Biden.

Perhaps they will, if it is Biden, a person whom party centrists like Emanuel are already prone to coddling.

However, Davis later directed a question at Biden concerning his alarming 1975 comments on school segregation.

After proposing that teacher raises are the first step to undoing the legacy of slavery, Biden said the following.

I should mention that there is a c): Biden never truly gave Davis’ question any serious consideration.

Though not to the grotesque extent of the Trump administration, certainly, but Biden is fighting photographic evidence here.

If defeating Trump in 2020 is as important to Biden as he so often claims, he should end his campaign and remove himself from contention for president. »

Anti-Putin Politician Facing Kremlin Raid Uses Drone to Fly Hard Drives Away Before Government Officers Can Get Them

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An opposition politician in Russia evaded a police raid by loading hard drives onto a drone and spiriting them away before officers could enter his apartment.

It follows Navalny's "smart voting" movement, which reduced the number of pro-Kremlin members of Moscow city council in last weekend's elections.

He says that the drone contains his "very important" hard drives, which have "all our valuable digital information.". »

45 Percent of Millennials Say That Living Costs Hold Them Back From Buying Homes

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Forty-five percent of prospective Millennial home buyers say that the cost of living inhibits them from purchasing a home, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

The survey reinforces prior research that has found the price of housing is rising at a rate that surpasses inflation.

Millennials, more than their older counterparts, are less likely to have $1,000 in emergency savings, meaning a recession could hit them particularly hard. »

Brexit: Public believes immigration can be controlled without leaving EU in remarkable turnaround, survey finds

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Voters – including Leave supporters – said they now judge that existing EU rules provide “enough control” on incomers from the continent, without the need for the UK to pull out.

Crucially, the researchers at University College London put it down to “missing information” – because so many people were unaware about the existing controls back in 2016.

Once informed about the immigration controls the UK could be introducing already, public opposition to EU rules falls away dramatically, the poll found. »