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Thursday September 5th, 2019 morning edition

image for "If This Wasn't So Dangerous I'd Be Laughing": Trump Presents Outdated Dorian Forecast Map With Alabama Circled With Sharpie

The graphic appears to have been altered with a Sharpie to indicate a risk the storm would move into Alabama from Florida.

According to Mersereau, citing a U.S. statute, "It is a violation of federal law to falsify a National Weather Service forecast and pass it off as official, as President Trump did here.".

Asked subsequently about the markings on the map, Trump told reporters he didn't know where the marks came from:.

WATCH: Asked about the #sharpie-doctored @NWS map from earlier today, @realDonaldTrump repeats his lie about Alabama having been in Hurricane #Dorian’s path (it wasn’t).

Asked again about the sharpie marks, all he can say is “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.”

Last week, federal officials with the National Weather Service were forced to issue a public correction after Trump declared publicly that Alabama was at risk from the storm:.

However, even after the NWS corrected the president's remarks, Trump did it again. »

'Hundreds of other people could be implicated' in Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell court documents

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Still-secret court filings related to sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged procurer Ghislaine Maxwell could implicate "hundreds of other people," Maxwell's lawyer said Wednesday during a hearing.

Preska asked the lawyers in federal court in Manhattan when she was told there was no plan in place for reviewing the documents.

Jeffrey Pagliuca, a lawyer for Maxwell, said the sealed documents include "literally hundreds of pages of investigative reports that mention hundreds of people.". »

Dan Crenshaw is worried that universal background checks might keep him from arming his friends

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Side note: With universal background checks, I wouldn’t be able to let my friends borrow my handgun when they travel alone like this.

The truth about universal background checks and today’s vote. — Rep. Dan Crenshaw (@RepDanCrenshaw) February 27, 2019.

Dan Crenshaw voted against universal background checks because he cares more about the NRA than our communities. »

Bernie Sanders Is the Strongest Candidate to Beat Donald Trump

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In order to figure out who has the best chance of beating Trump, we’ll need to reason it out.

The Daily Beast reports that in the 206 counties that went for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and then went for Donald Trump in 2016, Bernie Sanders is raking in far and away the most individual donations.

The candidate most likely to beat Trump is the one with the massive volunteer army, already hard at work all over the country, and especially in swing states and counties. »