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Monday September 2nd, 2019 morning edition

image for Kevin Hart suffers ‘major back injuries’ in car crash

Kevin Hart has suffered 'serious back injuries' following a car accident in Malibu.

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart has been treated for “major back injuries” after being caught up in a horror car crash in Los Angeles in the early hours of Sunday morning.

MORE: Kevin Hart spills on viral Aussie TV show moment.

TMZ reports that the driver of the car and a female passenger were found "pinned in their seats” under the crushed roof, with the fire department forced to saw off the top of the car to free them.

Authorities confirmed to the outlet that while the car belongs to Hart, he wasn’t driving — and that both he and the driver, his friend Jared Black, suffered “major back injuries”.

Police also told Entertainment Tonight that Black was “determined not to be under the influence of alcohol.”.

In a picture uploaded on social media in early July, Hart proudly posed with the Barracuda and revealed he’d nicknamed it “Menace”. »

New Texas laws: Illegal to send unsolicited nude photos

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The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative reports that 46 states have laws tackling so-called revenge porn, but almost none combat unsolicited sexually explicit images.

In South Carolina, it's illegal to anonymously send any lewd content without the consent of the person receiving it.

Roche said Bumble understands enforcing the law will be a challenge, but the Texas legislation is intended to serve as a deterrent. »

Hong Kong: 'Horrifying' police violence against protesters must be investigated

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In response to the latest clashes between police and protesters in Hong Kong on Saturday night – which included police storming the platform of Prince Edward metro station and beating people on a train - Man-kei Tam, Director of Amnesty International Hong Kong, said:.

“Violence directed at police on Saturday is no excuse for officers to go on the rampage elsewhere.

“Video footage shows police stormed the train carriage and used batons to repeatedly beat people posing no threat whatsoever. »

BangBros buys porn doxxing site, torches hard drives in the site's first SFW video

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The adult-themed production company bought out the doxxing site, which housed over 15,000 porn stars’ personal information, according to Mashable.

Well, these producers of NSFW content made it clear with a very SFW video of them setting fire to the servers holding all that explicit info.

BangBros now owns the domain for the site, which exists solely now to host a statement from the company. »

Trump plays golf after cancelling trip to Poland to observe Second World War anniversary

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US president Donald Trump is under fire after finding time to play golf after he cancelled his trip to Poland to observe commemorative services remembering the onset of the Second World War.

Reuters 14/50 19 August 2019 Protesters take to the street to face off with Indonesian police in Manokwari, Papua.

AFP/Getty 18/50 15 August 2019 Japan's Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako bow during a memorial service ceremony marking the 74th anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War Two, in Tokyo, Japan. »