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Friday August 30th, 2019 day edition

image for DOJ says Christian employers should be allowed to make women wear skirts

The Trump administration is continuing its war on the rights of trans people on all fronts.

A lower court ruled last year that Harris Funeral Homes broke the law when they fired Aimee Stephens, a woman who began transitioning in 2013.

Harris Funeral Homes is owned by conservative Christians who objected to people transitioning.

In the lower courts, the EEOC was the entity that brought the lawsuit against the funeral home on behalf of Stephens.

They argued that Title VII, which prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of sex, applied to trans workers.

It's a problem for any employee who doesn't conform to "traditional" notions of how men and women should behave and dress.

Sadly, thanks to Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, they've now got a Supreme Court that will likely hand the Trump administration and Christian conservatives a win. »

Case against Jeffrey Epstein dismissed following his death

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - A federal judge on Thursday formally dismissed the criminal sex trafficking case against Jeffrey Epstein, a move that was expected following the financier’s death in jail earlier this month. U.S. District Judge Richard Berman had said at a hearing on Tuesday that he was legally bound to dismiss the case.

The FBI is examining two cameras that were outside the cell that malfunctioned, a law enforcement source has told Reuters.

Tuesday’s hearing featured emotional testimony from 16 women who said Epstein had abused them, many of whom lamented that he would never face justice in court. »

DeMarcus Cousins: Arrest warrant issued on domestic violence charge

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DeMarcus Cousins sought on arrest warrant for domestic violence charge.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Los Angeles Lakers center DeMarcus Cousins on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

Mobile police spokesperson Charlette M. Solis told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday that "an arrest warrant has been issued.” »

Depression, anxiety rising among U.S. college students

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She noted that this was around the time smartphones became common and social media moved from being optional to mandatory among youngsters.

University counseling centers have been reporting increases in students’ use of campus mental health services.

The rate of moderate to severe depression rose from 23.2% in 2007 to 41.1% in 2018, while rates of moderate to severe anxiety rose from 17.9% in 2013 to 34.4% in 2018. »

Trump Administration Rolls Back Greenhouse Gas Regulations So Far Even Oil Companies Object

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Just two days after President Donald Trump called himself an "environmentalist," his administration announced a rollback of methane gas emissions regulations so large that even oil companies are objecting to the change.

The administration estimates that the rollbacks will save the oil and gas industry $17 to 19 million a year.

This is the seventh time the Trump administration has attempted to rollback regulations against oil and gas pollution. »