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Thursday August 29th, 2019 night edition

image for 'Fastest Woman On Four Wheels' Jessi Combs Killed In Jet-Car Crash

Yesterday, while attempting to beat her own land speed record, the 52,000 horsepower jet-powered car driven by racer, fabricator, and television personality Jessi Combs crashed in the Alvord Desert in Oregon, killing her, as local news reports.

Combs was 39 years old and held the title of “fastest woman on four wheels” after breaking 398 mph in that same North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger in 2013.

Just a few days ago, Combs tweeted a picture of her and the jet car as they prepared for this most recent speed record attempt:.

Combs’ death was confirmed this morning on Instagram by Terry Madden, a member of Combs’ team:.

Combs was on television frequently, appearing on Overhaulin’, All Girls Garage, and even served as a host of Mythbusters.

Jessi is known for her hosting work on television series including “All Girls Garage”, “Overhaulin’ “, Extreme 4x4 and Autoblog’s “The List”.

ET: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated Jessi was born in 1983, not 1980. »

Reaction to Parliament suspension move

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In the 2017 election Ms Davidson led the Scottish Conservatives to their best result in a Westminster election since 1983.

She did not support Boris Johnson in this year's Conservative leadership race, backing instead Sajid Javid and then Jeremy Hunt.

After Mr Johnson won the contest, Ms Davidson said she would "judge his premiership by his actions in office". »

Parliament suspension: Queen approves PM's plan

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It has now been approved, allowing the government to suspend Parliament no earlier than Monday 9 September and no later than Thursday 12 September, until Monday 14 October.

Shutting down Parliament - known as prorogation - happens after the prime minister advises the Queen to do it.

When Parliament is prorogued, no debates and votes are held - and most laws that haven't completed their passage through Parliament die a death. »