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Sunday August 18th, 2019 evening edition

image for Having kids makes you happier, but only when they move out

When it comes to who is happier, people with kids or those without, most research points to the latter.

But a new study suggests that parents are happier than non-parents later in life, when their children move out and become sources of social enjoyment rather than stress.

Most surveys of parental happiness have focused on those whose children still live at home.

These tend to show that people with kids are less happy than their child-free peers because they have less free time, sleep and money.

Christoph Becker at Heidelberg University in Germany and his colleagues wondered if the story might be different for parents whose kids have left home.

To find out, they analysed data from a European survey that asked 55,000 people aged 50 and older about their emotional well-being.

“Hence, children’s role as caregivers, financial support or simply as social contact might outweigh negative aspects of parenthood,” he says. »

French waiter shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich', say witnesses

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French waiter shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich', say witnesses.

A customer fatally shot a waiter at a pizzeria on the outskirts of Paris, apparently enraged at being made to wait for a sandwich, according to witnesses.

The gunman, who a witness said lost his temper “as his sandwich wasn’t prepared quickly enough”, fled the scene. »

Donald Trump and the Republican Party hate America: It's time to say it

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President Donald Trump, his enablers in Congress and his most devoted supporters are anti-American and soft on terrorism.

Approximately one-fifth of Americans are Hispanic, and Trump has made it clear that they are also unworthy of patriotic camaraderie. »

George RR Martin: the end of Game of Thrones on TV was a liberation

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A petition demanding that the HBO channel reshoot it from scratch has now been signed by more than a million viewers.

George RR Martin: ‘Game of Thrones finishing is freeing, I’m at my own pace’ Read more.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest George RR Martin says: ‘I don’t think [the TV series] was very good for me.’ Photograph: Antonio Olmos/The Observer. »

Hongkongers ignore protest restrictions, threats from Beijing as thousands join peaceful rally against gov’t

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Tens of thousands flocked to Victoria Park on Sunday under torrential rain in another mass pro-democracy protest against the government and alleged police violence.

In response, the Front said that – when the park is full – protesters will be guided out towards Causeway Bay MTR station.

Shortly afterwards, thousands of demonstrators began marching through Causeway Bay and Wan Chai as heavy rain began to fall. »