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Saturday August 17th, 2019 evening edition

image for White supremacy-fuelled killings to be classed as domestic terrorism under new law proposed in New York

Amid a national debate about racism, extremism and mass shootings, governor Andrew Cuomo proposed to make New York the first state to classify “hate-fuelled” killings as domestic terrorism on Thursday.

“Today, our people are three times more likely to suffer a terrorist attack launched by an American than one launched by a foreigner,” he said.

Acts of domestic terrorism have instead been prosecuted under different charges, such as attempting to “destroy a building in interstate commerce”.

New York’s new law, by contrast, would specify that domestic terrorism included acts of mass violence against people for their identities.

“White supremacists, anti-Semites, anti-LGBTQ, white nationalists: these are Americans committing mass hate crimes against other Americans,” Mr Cuomo said.

The governor also called on congress to enact a new federal domestic terrorism law.

“I think all states should have domestic terrorism statutes, it’s a good thing for them to have, but it hasn’t really moved the ball significantly.”. »

U.S. Media Gives Way Too Much Air Time to Climate Change Deniers Who Don't Know What They're Talking About, Study Finds

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This imbalance has created an unrealistic picture of climate change, hindering efforts to raise awareness of the problems the planet faces.

Media outlets reporting on climate change will bring in deniers in an effort to "balance" coverage and present an alternative view.

Their findings showed climate change deniers were 49 percent more visible to audiences than climate change scientists. »

Leaked emails show Washington state Rep. Matt Shea endorsed training children to fight in holy war

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Rather, Shea insisted, the document titled “Biblical Basis for War” contained notes for a scholarly sermon on war in the Old Testament.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says Weaver “has recently become a leading proponent of training Christians for armed battle.”.

The emails between Caughran and Shea were contained in a trove of Shea-related documents obtained by The Spokesman-Review through multiple sources. »

NRA Says New Florida Law Would Take Away Rifles From '10-Year-Old Little Girls' on Their Birthdays

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Marion Hammer, the chief NRA lobbyist, met with a group of economists in Florida on Friday to oppose the proposed ban of assault weapons, according to Shareblue Media.

She asked if a little girl who wanted to shoot a rifle with a pink stock would be convicted of a felony.

Opponents of the proposed Florida ban, including the NRA and other gun advocate groups, say the law is too broad. »