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Wednesday August 14th, 2019 evening edition

image for Bernie Sanders can beat Trump

However, we can say one thing with as much confidence as can be mustered in this fallen world: Bernie Sanders could beat Donald Trump.

They have consistently shown Sanders ahead of Trump by about 5 points (while former vice president Joe Biden is ahead by about 8 points).

Sanders' approval rating has also been consistently in the mid-50s, with disapproval in the high 30s.

It's also important to remember that the eventual Democratic nominee does not need any Trump voters to win.

Sanders might draw a billionaire challenger like Howard Schultz who cynically tries to help Trump win to protect his tax cuts.

A recent poll found both Sanders and Biden equally ahead of Trump in Texas, for crying out loud.

Bernie Sanders could be that president — and all available data suggests he would be basically as strong as Biden against Trump. »

Google reportedly has a massive culture problem that's destroying it from the inside

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This July, after employees pushed back against a censored version of Google Search being developed for China, the project was revealed to be canceled as well.

As it turns out, all those issues were rooted in Google's culture, according to a massive new investigation by Wired.

The issue with Google's culture is most succinctly summarized in a quote from former Google CEO and Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt. »

Ohio State Has Filed A Trademark Application For The Word “The”

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You have probably heard Ohio State players, coaches, fans and alums refer to the school as ‘THE’ Ohio State University.

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben uncovered a trademark application for the word “the” by OSU, filed on August 8.

The Ohio State University has filed a trademark application on the word "THE." »

More than half of world’s forest wildlife lost in 40 years

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The amount of wildlife in the world’s forests has plummeted by more than half (53 per cent) in just over 40 years, conservationists have found.

Humanity is killing the Earth’s greatest natural ally in the fight against climate breakdown, our forests, according to the report by the WWF.

The first ever global assessment of forest biodiversity shows that habitat loss and degradation, chiefly caused by people, account for 60 per cent of the threats to forests and forest species. »

Ohio man posted about mass shootings, attacking Planned Parenthood and federal agents, authorities say

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Authorities arrested him on Aug. 7 on state charges and he was taken to the Mahoning County Jail.

There, he told fellow users that he supported mass shootings and attacks on Planned Parenthood, according to an affidavit written by FBI agent Themistocles Tsarnas.

In 1993, cult leader David Koresh and many of his followers were killed following a standoff and raid by state and federal law enforcement. »