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Friday August 9th, 2019 day edition

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Former firefighter stops man armed with 100 rounds of ammunition at south Springfield Walmart

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Police stated that a young white male, appearing to be in his twenties, pulled up to the Walmart, where he donned body armor and military fatigues.

Police then say the man walked into the Walmart: Neighborhood Market where he grabbed a cart and began pushing it around the store.

Police say the man then made his way out an emergency exit where a former firefighter held the man at gunpoint. »

These Gun Laws Can Actually Reduce Gun Deaths According To FBI, CDC Data

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The FBI and CDC Datasets Agree: Who Has Guns—Not Which Guns—Linked to Murder Rates.

Photo by Cydney Scott GUN DEATHS The FBI and CDC Datasets Agree: Who Has Guns—Not Which Guns—Linked to Murder Rates Two BU studies, one shared finding: State gun laws restricting who has access to guns significantly reduces rates of firearm-related homicide.

State gun laws requiring universal background checks for all gun sales resulted in homicide rates 15 percent lower than states without such laws. »