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Thursday August 1st, 2019 day edition

image for Study: Conspiracy theory believers tend to endorse other unsubstantiated beliefs as well

People who believe in conspiracy theories are also more likely to believe in pseudoscience and paranormal phenomena, according to new research published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology.

The findings indicate that some people appear to have a general susceptibility to believing unsubstantiated claims.

In this new study, we have used these measures to examine the interesting question of how general is the acceptance of these unsubstantiated claims.”.

The researchers surveyed 286 psychology undergraduate students regarding their paranormal beliefs, endorsement of conspiracies, factual knowledge about psychology, and acceptance of pseudoscience.

Bensley and his colleagues found that participants who endorsed general conspiracist ideas also tended to believe the debunked and fabricated conspiracy theories.

In addition, participants who believed the debunked and fabricated conspiracy theories also tended to believe in other non-conspiratorial unsubstantiated claims, including pseudoscience, poorly-supported psychological practices, and paranormal phenomena.

“Our research and other studies also show that endorsement of conspiracy theories, paranormal and pseudoscientific claims and psychological misconceptions are each very common. »

Trump administration says Americans will be allowed to buy cheaper drugs from Canada

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READ MORE: Bernie Sanders joins group of U.S. diabetics coming to Ontario to buy cheaper insulin.

The administration’s proposal would allow states, wholesalers and pharmacists to get FDA approval to import certain medications that are also available here.

The drug industry lobby, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, has successfully blocked past efforts in Washington to allow importation. »

Ken Rosenthal auf Twitter: "BREAKING: #Astros get Greinke."

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Rammstein's guitarists kiss onstage during Russia performance to protest anti-LGBTQ laws

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Guitarists Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe kissed onstage as the band performed “Ausländer,” German for "foreigner," The Independent reported.

"Russia, we love you," the band said in an Instagram post accompanied by an image of the musicians' kiss.

The moment gained international attention considering Russia's policies banning “the promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships” to youth. »