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Wednesday July 31st, 2019 evening edition

image for Turns Out a Lot of Christians Are Against Trump's Pro-Christian Agenda

Members of a group known as Christians Against Christian Nationalism released a statement on Monday relaying its mission and asking other Christians to join them.

“Christian nationalism seeks to merge Christian and American identities, distorting both the Christian faith and America’s constitutional democracy,” the statement reads.

In the past few years, experts have warned that, like white nationalism, Christian nationalism is on the rise.

Christians Against Christian Nationalism points to hate crimes against non-Christian houses of worship by white nationalists in the past few years as proof of this ideology permeating.

Since his presidential campaign, many have blamed the newfound popularity of Christian Nationalism on Donald Trump, based on his history targeting minority faith groups.

His administration has also been a major supporter of anti-abortion legislation that attempts to implement reproductive laws based on Christian beliefs.

In its first day online, Christians Against Christian Nationalism has already received affirming support. »

Australian tourists urged not to ride elephants in Thailand

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Horrifying photos have emerged of injured 'entertainment' elephants as Australian tourists travelling to Thailand are being begged not to ride the animals.

Elephants in Thailand are being subjected to terrible abuse from their keepers as they are forced to perform tricks for tourists every day (pictured).

'Please don't ride the elephants and don't support this business,' a spokesperson for Tourism Authority of Thailand told Yahoo news. »

Cardi B’s Indianapolis Concert Canceled Last Minute Due To Security Threat After She Supports Bernie Sanders

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Rapper Cardi B was set to perform at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on Tuesday night, but the concert was unexpectedly canceled last minute due to a security threat, wrote The Daily Mail.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, an “unverified threat” led the department to advise the singer to cancel her concert.

Shortly after canceling the concert, the “Bodak Yellow” artist took to her Twitter account to post an apology to her Indiana fans. »

The violent attack that turned a man into a maths genius

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I used to say math is stupid, how can you you use that in the real world?

“I used to say ‘math is stupid, how can you use that in the real world’?

Brogaard believes the brain injury Padgett sustained caused him to develop a form of synaesthesia that made him an acquired savant. »

Car mechanic graduates from medical school at 47 to help address shortage of black doctors

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The car mechanic is now a people mechanic at Cleveland Clinic Akron General hospital, where he started as a resident this month.

He’s done more than rebuild his own career: He has narrowed, by one, the huge gap in black doctors in this country, particularly black male doctors.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, less than 6% of medical school graduates nationally identify as black while 13 percent of the population is. »