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Wednesday July 24th, 2019 night edition

image for FBI Director Wray: Russia intent on interfering with U.S. elections

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Russia is determined to interfere in U.S. elections despite sanctions and other efforts to deter such actions before the next presidential election in 2020, FBI Director Christopher Wray said on Tuesday.

“The Russians are absolutely intent on trying to interfere with our elections,” Wray said during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

“Everything we’ve done against Russia has not deterred them enough?”

As Wray confirmed the Russia threat remains, Senate Democrats criticized Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for not taking up election security legislation.

McConnell has said enough money was set aside for security last year and there was no need for extra measures.

FILE PHOTO - FBI Director Christopher Wray speaks at the FBI National Academy Graduation Ceremony in Quantico, Virginia, U.S., June 7, 2019 REUTERS/Tom Brenner.

Wray told senators the FBI was working with private sector platforms about “different forms of foreign influence messaging, whether it’s propaganda and fake news.”. »

Far-right extremism to be included in official terror warnings alongside Islamist threat for first time, government announces

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The growing threat from “extreme right-wing” terrorism will be included in official threat-level warnings for the first time, the home secretary has announced.

Sajid Javid, the home secretary, said: “Our approach to stopping terrorists is the same, regardless of the twisted ideology that motivates them.

“While the Islamist threat remains, we have recently seen an increase in terrorist activity motivated by the extreme right wing. »

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How Nike landed Michael Jordan

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According to Joe Dean, who was in charge of Converse’s marketing at the time, Michael was supremely interested in the company’s pitch.

At the time, the brand was beginning to lose its spot as the nation’s top producer of athletic shoes.

It was O.J. Simpson, of all people, who called it: Michael Jordan would be the best new star in sports. »

Bring Back the Animation

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Of course, such animation — the kind drawn by armies of animators, frame by painstaking frame — built the Walt Disney empire and aided in its resurgence in the late 1980s and early ’90s, known as the so-called Disney Renaissance.

Hand-drawn animation actually got tossed a lifeline when Disney bought Pixar in 2006.

Walt Disney himself represents a good case study for the power of personality as expressed through hand-drawn animation. »