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Sunday July 7th, 2019 night edition

image for MSP officer runs stops sign, hit by car, arrests other driver

- A police officer in an unmarked SUV ran a stop sign before getting struck by a car on Wednesday.

Video surveillance from a neighbor's house shows a Michigan State Police officer in a silver SUV ignoring a stop sign and driving through the intersection.

That's when Carlos Martinez, driving a red car, collided with the side of the SUV, knocking it off the road.

"All he kept saying was 'you hit a cop, you hit a cop, you hit a cop,' and at no moment say 'how are you, are you okay,'" said Maria Martinez, Carlos's mother.

After the two cars collided, the video shows an officer exit the SUV and order Martinez onto the ground.

"The police officer say 'you're 27 years old, you're old enough, you don't need no parents and plus you don't have no rights right now.".

MSP said Thursday morning the driver had been released to a local hospital and has not been charged. »

Adrian Wojnarowski auf Twitter: "Free agent center DeMarcus Cousins has agreed to a one-year deal with the Lakers, agent Jeff Schwartz of Excel Sports tells ESPN."

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A trillion new trees could be the best solution to climate change, study says

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An initiative of planting trees globally could help in scrubbing a considerable portion of heat-trapping emissions from our atmosphere.

According to Thomas Crowther, who is a climate change ecologist in Zurich endorsed the idea of planting a trillion trees by saying that “This is by far — by thousands of times — the cheapest climate change solution.”

While planting new trees is the best solution, stopping the deforestation would bring immediate benefits. »

Hugh Jackman reveals the moment he almost gave up dancing

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In fact, Jackman almost didn't became the dancer he is today, thanks to someone who early on told him it was a "sissy" move.

As he explained to TODAY's Savannah Guthrie, when he was around 11 years old, a teacher saw he had native talent and suggested he get lessons.

The next day, said Jackman, he signed up for dance lessons, and the rest is history. »

Helen's Law: Killers who conceal victims' remains face parole refusal

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Murderers who refuse to reveal the location of their victims' bodies could be denied parole under a new law.

"Helen's Law" follows a campaign named after Helen McCourt, who was murdered in 1988.

"It's hard to lose a loved one in any circumstances, but to have them murdered is horrific," she told BBC Breakfast. »