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Tuesday July 2nd, 2019 day edition

image for Russia paid radio broadcaster $1.4 million to air Kremlin propaganda in DC

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The Russian government sent more than $1.4 million to a Florida-based company airing Kremlin propaganda in the nation’s capital over the last two years, according to recent foreign agent registration records.

The station, which previously played bluegrass music, made serious money airing content the U.S. government considers pro-Russia propaganda.

Sputnik’s Virginia-based radio broadcaster, Reston Translator LLC, registered as a foreign agent in November 2017 amid increased FARA enforcement from the Justice Department.

DOJ’s new focus on foreign influence has entangled several foreign state-funded media outlets, including the Kremlin-owned Russia Today and potentially Qatar’s Al Jazeera. »

Sheboygan toilet clogger sentenced to probation, 150 days in jail

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Sheboygan serial toilet clogger sentenced to 150 days in jail, probation.

SHEBOYGAN - A 26-year-old Sheboygan man was sentenced Monday to three years of probation for clogging women's toilets in Deland Park and at his place of work.

As conditions of probation, Beeman will have to serve 150 days in jail, pay more than $5,500 in restitution, not be allowed to possess or consumer alcohol or any controlled substances, and complete 100 hours of community service. »