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Monday July 1st, 2019 morning edition

image for Cristiano Ronaldo Pays For A 10-Month-Old Boy's $83,000 Brain Surgery

Getty Images Erik Ortiz Cruz is a 10-month-old boy from Villaluenga de la Sagra, Spain who was born with a brain disorder called cortical dysplasia.

His family and friends have been raising money to pay for a surgery that costs $83,000.

When they asked Cristiano Ronaldo to donate a pair of cleats and a jersey to auction off, the Real Madrid star decided to go ahead and cover the entire surgery, AS reports.

Ronaldo makes about $461,000 a week after taxes, so the expense isn't all that much for him.

But it's still a remarkable gesture from a guy who has a reputation for being a big of a prima donna. »

Fox host Tucker Carlson defends North Korean regime: 'Leading a country means killing people'

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Tucker Carlson has appeared to downplay North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s human rights abuses, by saying that leading a country “means killing people”.

On the other hand, you know you’ve got to be honest about what it means to lead a country; it means killing people.

South Korean intelligence confiscated it, but he persuaded his North Korean military contacts to send him a new one. »

An Amazon engineer made an AI-powered cat flap to stop his cat from bringing home dead animals

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For Amazon engineer Ben Hamm, that problem was stopping his “sweet, murderous cat” Metric from bringing home dead and half-dead prey in the middle of the night and waking him up.

Hamm gave an entertaining presentation on this subject at Ignite Seattle, and you can watch a video of his talk above.

If the answer was “yes,” the cat flap would lock for 15 minutes and Hamm would get a text. »