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Sunday June 30th, 2019 night edition

image for Oral History: In 1985 Snuffy Shocked Sesame Street

Mancini: This was shortly after A Nightmare on Elm Street, which was really important in the development of the slasher genre.

I don’t remember why he didn’t buy it, but he did end up doing movies called Dolls and Puppet Master.

Kirschner: At that point, I was a relatively new father and wasn’t sure anybody would buy a doll with blood in it.

It didn’t make sense to me, but there were a lot of cool things in there, some cool deaths.

Like a babysitter who tells him to go to bed, or a teacher who gives him a bad grade.

In my script, the doll wasn’t really seen until the third act, where he's spouting one-liners and killing the kid’s dentist.

John Lafia (Co-Writer): I believe David and I were at the same agency at the time and got introduced that way. »

"I'm Not Willing to Do That": Trump Says He Won't Take Climate Action Because It Would Threaten Corporate Profits

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Trump told reporters during a press conference Saturday morning that he is not ignoring the threat of the climate crisis, but he doesn't want to take action to confront the emergency because such a move would threaten corporate profits.

"So we have the best numbers that we've ever had recently," Trump said.

Trump's efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, as the U.S. remained the sole outlier in refusing to back the summit's climate declaration. »

Trump dismisses need for climate change action: ‘We have the cleanest water we’ve ever had, we have the cleanest air’

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Donald Trump has again dismissed the need to tackle climate change by saying the US has the cleanest air and water “ever”.

The president has previously described climate change as a “hoax” and dismissed the problem as a “change in the weather”.

However, earlier this week vice-president Mike Pence, when asked if climate change was a threat, said “America has the cleanest air and water in the world”. »

On 'Hottest Day in History of France,' World Told 'Do Not Look Away' as Police Tear-Gas Climate Campaigners in Paris

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French riot police tear-gassed climate protesters in Paris on Friday as the county sweltered under record heat.

Video shows the police teargassing the protesters at a close range and then forcibly trying to remove them from the scene.

Meanwhile, on the hottest day in the history of France, here’s shocking video of police spraying tear gas in the faces of climate activists in Paris. »