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Thursday June 27th, 2019 day edition

image for Elizabeth Warren Just Went Full “Medicare for All”

She said that health insurance companies were only interested in maximizing profits, leaving “families with rising premiums, rising copays, and fighting with insurance companies.”.

That’s much clearer than the Massachusetts senator has been in the past on the major health insurance reform plan championed by Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Warren is one of a half-dozen Democratic senators running for president who’d cosponsored the legislation while talking of the plan as just one of many alternatives to improving health insurance.

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren bear-hugged “Medicare for All” during the first Democratic presidential debate Wednesday and took her support a step further than she’s been willing to go in the past.

“I’m with Bernie on Medicare for All,” Warren said afterward.

And I understand there are a lot of politicians that say it’s just not possible," Warren said. »

Trump tells reporters it's "none of your business" what he tells Putin

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President Trump, asked if he'll tell Russian President Vladimir Putin not to meddle in the 2020 election, told reporters Wednesday what he says to Putin is "none of your business."

Mr. Trump made the comments on his way to Japan for the G20 summit, where he'll meet with Putin and other world leaders.

In Japan, Mr. Trump is expected to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Putin, among other world leaders. »

Reddit Quarantines Pro-Trump Subreddit r/The_Donald Over Anti-Police Threats

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Reddit quarantined the “The_Donald” subreddit on Wednesday, citing threats made on the popular forum for Trump supporters against law enforcement officers.

“Recent behaviors including threats against the police and public figures is content that is prohibited by our violence policy,” a Reddit spokesperson said in a statement.

In its message to the subreddit’s moderators, Reddit asked for them to take action to prevent further threats being posted on the forum. »

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

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The Einstein Theory of Rum Snooping, as demonstrated by Izzy Einstein on the roof of the Silk Exchange Restaurant in New York, sometime during Prohibition.

(The restaurant, located on the ground floor of a Fourth Avenue skyscraper, hid its illegal booze on the rooftop.).

Prohibition Agent No. 1, by Isador Einstein, tells the tale of his career as an agent in the Federal Prohibition Unit. »