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Monday June 17th, 2019 night edition

image for Black Boeing employee sues company after finding noose at desk, says 'my work life is degrading'

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I approach people and it affects my whole overall being there," said Anthony, who is still employed by the aerospace giant.

In an emailed statement, a Boeing spokesperson wrote, that while Anthony "is a valued Boeing South Carolina teammate, there is no validity to his allegations.".

Instead of focusing on work, Anthony said, "I was thinking about, 'Who could do this?

"The significance and historical symbolism of hanging a noose over an African American's head is telling them you're going to lynch them.

The Boeing spokesperson asserted that Anthony's requests for leave were "consistently and repeatedly approved by the company.".

After receiving notice that a noose had been found near Anthony's desk, the company investigated and fired the person responsible, the spokesperson said. »

Cinema Slobs: Talking in the cinema is still a major issue

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Time and again I have had films disrupted by talking, phone usage, rustling, and/or seat kicking, making me nervous on every outing to the cinema about what fresh hell I will encounter this time.

Or, as Mark Strong’s soothing voice declares in Vue’s ridiculously lengthy pre-film program (sometimes clocking in at over half an hour!

The cinema chain Empire launched a similar etiquette guide back in 2013, which was publicised within their branches, and conducted a poll that found that talking in the cinema was the biggest complaint from their customers. »

'Roman haul' turns out to be TV show Detectorists prop

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Two men who thought they had unearthed a stash of Roman gold coins had their dreams dashed when they discovered the coins were a prop for a TV sitcom.

Andy Sampson and Paul Adams had been metal detecting in a field on the Suffolk/Essex border when they found more than 50 "gold" coins with pottery.

Image caption The gold coins were part of a scene being filmed for the BBC TV series Detectorists. »

Thought it was a flash drive... : assholedesign

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Some of our best posts have been from non-technical stuff.

*Satire is ridicule of asshole design techniques, and should be tagged under the "Satire" flair.

Lampshade Hanging is subversion of asshole design techniques and should be tagged under "Lampshading". »