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Monday June 17th, 2019 evening edition

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In Trump’s latest budget, he has requested an increase of $1.5 billion to respond directly to the epidemic.

Against a backdrop of firefighters’ coats hanging in cinder-block cubbies, Warren moved among a crowd of about 150.

She brought up the role of “corporations that made big money off getting people addicted and keeping them addicted.”

Warren didn’t sound to me like a law professor on the trail, but she did sound like a teacher.

At one point, I asked Warren whether there was anything good about running for president as a woman.

By mid-June, however, when I went to Washington to talk to Warren for the last time, she was very much in the race.

She had more to lose, and perhaps as a result, her answers were more scripted, more like her speeches. »

Off-duty officer killed nonverbal man at Corona, California Costco

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Costco shooting: Off-duty officer killed nonverbal man with intellectual disability.

A man fatally shot by an off-duty Los Angeles police officer in a Southern California Costco was a nonverbal "gentle giant" with an intellectual disability, a relative says.

Corona police said the officer was holding his child while shopping Friday when he was assaulted "without provocation" by Kenneth French, 32. »

Police can access full details of injured protesters in hospital, says medical sector lawmaker following patient arrests

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Hong Kong’s medical sector lawmaker has said that he has proof that police can access the Hospital Authority’s system to check details of injured protesters who were admitted into the public hospital system, without using any special logins.

After a violent clash between protesters and the police last Wednesday over the controversial extradition bill, police admitted that they arrested protesters at public hospitals as they were being treated.

See also: Hong Kong democracy leader Joshua Wong visits anti-extradition protesters, as key road is reoccupied. »

Egocentrism may play an important role in shaping attitudes about welfare recipients

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“We wanted to understand this process better and also investigate it in an impactful domain like judging welfare recipients and welfare policy attitudes.”.

The study of 1,664 Americans found that welfare recipients were more likely to be viewed as irresponsible and impulsive when they purchased items that the participants did not themselves value.

The study controlled for factors such as political orientation, past welfare experience, income, and general attitudes about welfare. »