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Saturday June 15th, 2019 night edition

image for Japanese Tanker Owner Says U.S. Is Wrong About Gulf Attack

Yutaka Katada, the owner of one of the stricken fuel tankers crippled in explosions in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, says the U.S. is wrong about the way the attack was carried out.

Katada said his ship was attacked on the starboard side by a flying object, not by a mine.

“It seems that something flew towards them.

That created the hole, is the report I’ve received,” Katada said, according to the Financial Times.

“It seems there was a high chance they were attacked by a flying object.

The Japanese ship owner did not say who might be responsible for the attack. »

The iPhone 11 Will 'Struggle' and Be a Yawner, Analyst Says

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That’s how an analyst with Japanese investment bank Mizuho Securities is characterizing the iPhone 11, a phone that will “lack novelty” for consumers.

Credit: Onleaks/CashKaroIn a note shared with AppleInsider, the Mizuho analyst shares the same opinion as some other experts.

See all of the latest iPhone 11 news and leaks at our updated iPhone 11 rumor hub. »

'논란' 양현석, Y... :: 네이버 TV연예

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제가 물러나는 것이 그들이 능력을 더 발휘할 수 있는 좋은 계기가 될 것이라고 생각합니다.

하루빨리 YG가 안정화될 수 있는 것이 제가 진심으로 바라는 희망사항입니다.마지막으로 현재의 언론보도와 구설의 사실관계는 향후 조사 과정을 통해 모든 진실이 반드시 밝혀질 것이라고 믿습니다.

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Ted Cruz, AOC have it right on banning former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists

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When Ocasio-Cortez Tweeted out criticism of former members of Congress who’ve become D.C. lobbyists, Cruz was quick to chime in and cite his unlikely agreement.

With the condition that it would be a “clean bill” in the Senate, AOC agreed to his call for bipartisan cooperation.

A definition of a lobbyist is someone "employed to persuade legislators to pass legislation that will help the lobbyist's employer." »