The birth of a modern democracy, led by women, in Sudan. These are the real superheroes.

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image showing The birth of a modern democracy, led by women, in Sudan. These are the real superheroes.

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The image is striking: a young woman, alone, standing above the crowd, urging them on with songs of revolution.

Taken on Monday night in the centre of Khartoum, as tens of thousands thronged the roads in front of the heavily guarded complex housing the headquarters of the military and the feared intelligence services, the picture of the woman in white with gold circular earrings has become an icon of a protest.

Lana Haroun told CNN she had taken the picture.

“She was trying to give everyone hope and positive energy and she did it,” she said. “She was representing all Sudanese women and girls and she inspired every woman and girl at the sit-in. She was telling the story of Sudanese women ... she was perfect.”

She added: “We have a voice. We can say what we want. We need a better life and to stay in a better place.” She said when she saw the photo on her phone, “I immediately thought: this is my revolution and we are the future.”

That the woman in white has become such a symbol in a country that has long known systematic repression of women by the state has surprised some observers.

But women have played a central role in the demonstrations in Sudan in recent months, with men often in a minority among the crowds calling for president Omar al-Bashir to step down.

Many well-known women activists have been detained since the first wave of protests at the end of last year.

“This regime could not crush down women and women’s ability to fight for change and freedom … Sudanese women’s resistance and resilience overcome this suppression,” said Dr Sara Abdelgalil, head of the UK branch of the Sudan Doctors’ Union, who moved to Britain in 2001 but is in contact with protest leaders....

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Just to spread awareness on the situation:

After months of protests by the Sudanese people, led by civilians and the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), Omar Al-Bashir stepped down as president of Sudan in April, he was a dictator for 30 years and ruled with an iron fist, outlawing other parties, killing protesters etc. Thereafter a military council was established, led by generals who were placed there by Omar Al-Bashir. They agreed to negotiate with the protesters to hand over power to civilians. After more than a month of negotiating with the civilian leaders, these same generals went to Saudi Arabia and the UAE for a 'diplomatic visit' and came back with Saudi money, artillery and vehicles. The Sudanese militia known as Janjaweed/RSF, under the order of General Hemedti, then proceeded to surround the protest site, closing it off, and began to shoot the protesters indiscriminately. When protesters ran, the militia men followed, shooting and beating anyone they came across including children, and raped up to 50 women and girls. They then started throwing bodies in the Nile whilst tieing rocks to their legs so they sink, in order to "get rid of the evidence" but everyone saw and everyone will remember. The death toll is around 250. This is the same militia which committed genocide in Darfur and is under the same authority of General Hemedti.

The Sudanese people need you to open your eyes to these atrocities. Please spread the awareness and don't let democracy die, not at least without a fight.✌🏼

This is only the tip of the iceberg concerning what is currently happening there, in reality it's much worse. If you want to have a clearer idea, i suggest you watch Patriot Act's latest episode on Sudan with Hasan Minhaj.

Use the hashtag #iamthesudanrevolution to spread awareness

Please sign this petition urging the White House to recognise Janjaweed/RSF as a terrorist organisation: