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Thursday June 13rd, 2019 day edition

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'I think I’d take it': In exclusive interview, Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents.

WATCH: In an exclusive interview with ABC News' Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos, Trump said if a foreign entity reached out, "I think you might want to listen.

"I think you might want to listen, there isn't anything wrong with listening," Trump continued.

President Trump lamented the attention on his son, Donald Trump Jr., for his role in the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016.

Stephanopoulos asked whether Trump Jr. should have taken the Russians' offer for "dirt" on then-candidate Hillary Clinton to the FBI.

"The FBI director is wrong, because frankly it doesn't happen like that in life," Trump said. »

Google Stadia in 4K might push you past your home-Internet data cap

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That's 9GB and 4.5GB per hour, respectively, potentially using up a 1TB data cap in 114 or 228 hours.

Netflix, for example, recommends a 25Mbps connection for 4K video even though its videos generally stream at about 15Mbps.

Karl Bode's Vice story, "Google Stadia will reveal how stupid Internet data caps are," is worth reading on this topic. »

Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue

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Colorado has now generated more than $1 billion in total state revenue from the legal marijuana industry, another milestone for the state that legalized cannabis in 2014.

Colorado already has posted some big numbers: More than $6 billion in total sales of cannabis since the birth of the new industry — over $6.5 billion at the end of May, according to just-released monthly data from the state.

Since July 2017, Colorado total monthly tax and fee revenue from marijuana sales has never dipped below $20 million. »

Jordan Binnington Leads St. Louis Blues to First Stanley Cup

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Headlined by the star goalie Jordan Binnington, the 2018-19 St. Louis Blues have won the Stanley Cup, after 52 years in the making.

After a humbling loss in Game 6, the Blues were finally able to make their mark in history in Wednesday night’s Game 7.

As the star of the Blues roster, O’Reilly carried the team to an immortal Stanley Cup win. »