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Friday June 7th, 2019 evening edition

image for Maine governor signs bill banning internet providers from selling consumer data without consent

Maine Gov. Janet Mills (D) signed into law one of the nation's strongest privacy bills on Thursday, banning internet service providers (ISPs) from using, selling or distributing consumer data without their consent.

The bill was approved unanimously last week by the Maine Senate, and was sponsored by Maine state Sen. Shenna Bellows (D).

Bellows said in a statement that the law makes Maine "first and best in the nation in protecting consumer privacy online.”.

It blocks ISPs from selling customers' personal data from third parties, which is not currently prevented at the federal level.

The Maine privacy law comes as lawmakers on Capitol Hill seek to hammer out the country's first comprehensive privacy bill.

Gigi Sohn, former adviser at the FCC under the Obama administration, in a statement applauded the Maine law.

"When the federal government stands down, the states must step up, and that is what Maine has done here," she added. »

Hannity, Trump, and the Whole “Lock Her Up” Crew Are Absolutely Outraged at Pelosi’s Prosecution and Prison Comment

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It’s a strategic decision based on evidence that crimes appear to have been committed, namely obstruction of justice, among many potential others, that may ultimately be prosecutable.

Some Democrats don’t love Pelosi’s approach because they believe impeachment proceedings are the appropriate forum to address Trump’s apparent crimes.

And by the way, they would literally turn, in many ways, the USA into a country we no longer recognize. »

Warriors part-owner who shoved Raptors' Lowry fined $500K, banned 1 year | CBC Sports

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Toronto guard Kyle Lowry wanted the Golden State Warriors' executive who shoved him during an NBA Finals game ousted from the league.

Lowry spoke to the media on Thursday, a day after he was pushed by Warriors' investor Mark Stevens during Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Stevens shoved Lowry in the upper body, and Lowry said he repeated a vulgar phrase to him about four times during the brief incident. »

US immigration detention centres caught serving spoiled food as investigation reveals nooses in cells

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An investigation has found nooses in cells of US immigration detention centres with staff serving spoiled food and wrongly putting people in isolation.

Homeland security inspectors visited four Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) centres and described “egregious violations” of standards at two of them including inadequate medical care.

Immigration officials are detaining an increasing number of single adults – currently totalling some 52,000 – but are funded for only 45,000. »

Industrial methane emissions are underreported, study finds

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A Cornell-Environmental Defense Fund research team equipped a Google Street View car with a high-precision methane sensor and found methane emissions from ammonia fertilizer plants to be 100 times higher than the fertilizer industry’s self-reported estimate.

Using a Google Street View car equipped with a high-precision methane sensor, the researchers discovered that methane emissions from ammonia fertilizer plants were 100 times higher than the fertilizer industry’s self-reported estimate.

They also were substantially higher than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimate for all industrial processes in the United States. »