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Thursday June 6th, 2019 morning edition

image for Sugar Daddy website founder to pay for abortions of women who need to travel out of restrictive states

The founder of a sugar daddy website is offering to pay for out-of-state abortions for women seeking the procedure in states that have passed restrictions.

This comes as increasing numbers of states across America introduce bills that attempt to ban women from having abortions – with legislation to restrict abortion rights having been introduced in 16 states this year.

Brandon Wade, the founder and chief executive of popular sugar daddy website SeekingArrangement, is offering to cover the cost of both abortions and the travel expenses for women needing abortions in states that have introduced restrictions on the procedure.

The abortion ban, which has been branded a “death sentence for women”, would even criminalise performing abortions in cases of rape and incest.

Mr Wade’s interest in setting up a charity started when he began to question why women from states with abortion bans could not just travel elsewhere.

SeekingArrangement connects “sugar babies” to “sugar daddies or mommas” to find “mutually beneficial relationships,” according to its site, and has 10 million members.

This can be as early as six weeks – at which point most women do not yet know they are pregnant. »

People eat at least 50,000 plastic particles a year, study finds

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The scientists reported that drinking a lot of bottled water drastically increased the particles consumed.

They were also found in human stool samples for the first time in October, confirming that people ingest the particles.

The scientists then used US government dietary guidelines to calculate how many particles people would eat in a year. »

'Iron Man' actor Robert Downey Jr. has vowed to use robotics and AI to significantly clean up the Earth in the next decade

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Its goal is nothing less than to use robotics, artificial intelligence, and technology to clean up the Earth and reverse its carbon footprint, in a decade.

Robert Downey Jr announces his new foundation, the Footprint Coalition, at Amazon re:Mars, June 4, 2019, Las Vegas.

"Quick disclaimer, I don't pretend to understand the complexities we face as a species, just because I portrayed a genius in my professional life. »

YouTube just banned supremacist content, and thousands of channels are about to be removed

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The move, which will result in the removal of all videos promoting Nazism and other discriminatory ideologies, is expected to result in the removal of thousands of channels across YouTube.

YouTube did not disclose the names of any channels that are expected to be affected by the change.

The changed policy goes into effect today, YouTube said, and enforcement will “ramp up” over the next several days. »