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Tuesday June 4th, 2019 night edition

image for China Unveils New Armoured Vehicle Capable Of Launching 12 Suicide Drones

China has unveiled a new armoured vehicle that is capable of firing 12 suicide drones to launch attacks on targets and to conduct reconnaissance operations on Tuesday at the Beijing Civil-Military Integration Expo 2019.

The 5.7 meter-long, 2.4 meter-wide 4x4 off-road vehicle was developed by Beijing Zhongzi Yanjing Auto Co Ltd.

It has a max speed of 125kmph and can adapt to the various demands of highly mobile troops.

It carries 12 pneumatic launch tubes that fire drones into the air, which then spread their wings and become operationally controllable.

Among the 12 drones the vehicle can launch, four of them are the smaller SULA30 reconnaissance drones that can stay in the air for more than an hour.

Eight of the drones are two meter-wide SULA89 reconnaissance and attack drones that can carry more than two kilograms of explosives each.

The SULA89 is designed to destroy mobile light armored vehicles, field fortifications and armed personnel in cover, the company said. »

Trump faces giant 'USS John McCain' and Obama approval ratings projected onto London landmarks during state visit

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Donald Trump has been faced with giant projections of ‘USS John McCain’ and Obama approval ratings on London landmarks during his state visit.

Approval ratings comparing Mr Trump and former US president Barack Obama were also projected on to the Tower of London.

Mr Trump insulted London mayor Sadiq Khan just moments before setting off for Britain on Monday for a three-day state visit. »

YouTube Bans Minors From Streaming Unless Accompanied by Adult

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In an effort to protect children on its platform, YouTube has updated its security policies and guidelines to forbid “younger minors” from streaming unless they have an adult with them.

Unless they’re accompanied by an adult, “younger minors” as the blog post describes them will not be allowed to livestream any longer, and channels that violate this rule run the risk of having that livestreaming privilege removed.

“We updated enforcement of our live streaming policy to specifically disallow younger minors from live streaming unless they are clearly accompanied by an adult,” YouTube’s blog post said. »

Researchers Have Investigated “Derailment” (Feeling Disconnected From Your Past Self) As A Cause And Consequence Of Depression

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Indeed, there’s evidence that having a stable, constant sense of self and identity is important for psychological wellbeing.

However, this thread can rupture, leading to an uncomfortable disconnect between who we feel we are today, and the person that we believe we used to be – a state that psychologists recently labelled “derailment”.

After all, people with depression often struggle with motivation, losing the will to pursue goals they previously held dear. »

The Museum of London Wants to Make 'Trump Baby' Blimp Part of Its Permanent Collection

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A 20-foot inflatable "Trump Baby" blimp set to fly over London during President Donald Trump's state visit to Britain could soon earn a spot in the Museum of London's "permanent" collection to mark a "controversial moment" in history, museum officials say.

"Both of these balloons are shining examples of political satire," Ament said.

"Once it does come to the museum, its active life will cease," Ament said of the Trump Baby balloon. »