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Monday June 3rd, 2019 night edition

image for Poll: Support for impeaching Trump rises to 41 percent

The survey, which was released early Sunday, found that 41 percent of Americans said the president should be impeached based on what they have read or heard.

A majority of Americans, 54 percent, said they do not feel Trump should be impeached.

The increased percentage favoring impeachment largely stems from growing Democratic support for it.

Seventy-six percent of Democratic respondents said they support impeaching Trump, an 8 percentage point increase from April.

The public's split on impeachment comes as an increasing number of Democratic lawmakers call for Congress to launch an impeachment inquiry of Trump.

Mueller's investigation did not find sufficient evidence to conclude a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Moscow took place.

The report said Mueller was unable to make a conclusive determination on whether Trump obstructed justice. »

US activist goes on trial for helping migrants on southern border

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The 36-year old faces two felony counts of harbouring the undocumented migrants and one felony count of conspiracy to transport the two men.

Warren was indicted after former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions instructed prosecutors to prioritise cases involving the harbouring of migrants.

Warren is a volunteer for No More Deaths, a faith-based group providing water, food and medical aid to migrants in the harsh deserts of southern Arizona. »

Climate Undermined by Lobbying

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However, say Meng and Rode, the political process that leads to climate change regulation can be a barrier to its own legislation.

This is the first study to quantify the effects of lobbying in altering the likelihood of enacting climate policy.

If such free permits are better targeted towards oppositional firms, they may in turn reduce political opposition against the policy. »

How Stephen King’s Childhood Inspired Stand by Me

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“There’s a lot of stuff in ‘The Body’ that’s just simply history that’s been tarted up a little bit,” said King.

“For 10 years, my family lived a virtual barter existence, practically never seeing any hard cash,” King recalled.

“According to Mom, I. had gone off to play at a neighbor’s house — a house that was near a. railroad line. »

New Zealand wants to make people happy, not rich - will it work?

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New Zealand’s latest budget, unveiled this week, is being touted as the first in a Western country to put well-being over economic pressures.

The country’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern promised billions of dollars in additional funds to address mental health problems, suicide and child poverty.

Perhaps the key difference is that New Zealand says it is placing well-being at the heart of the budget. »