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Tuesday May 28th, 2019 morning edition

image for The Trump Administration Is Declaring a Fake Emergency to Sell Weapons to Saudi Arabia

The Trump administration chose the Friday afternoon before Memorial Day weekend to invoke an obscure state-of-emergency provision that would allow it to sell billions of dollars in weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates without giving Congress a chance to block the sale.

Under the 1976 Arms Export Control Act, the State Department must notify Congress 30 days before concluding an arms sale, which gives Congress the chance to vote on halting the weapons transfer.

Since 2015, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been involved in an intervention in Yemen, aimed at restoring the former president, Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, to power.

Menendez previously held up $2 billion in sales of precision-guided bombs to Saudi Arabia and the UAE over human rights concerns.

In the past, presidents who invoked the provision have been able to point to time-sensitive emergencies that justified going around Congress.

Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy, who warned days ago that the Trump administration would try to circumvent Congress, said that President Donald Trump is only using the loophole because he knows he cannot sell weapons to Saudi Arabia any other way.

“There is no new ‘emergency’ reason to sell bombs to the Saudis to drop in Yemen, and doing so only perpetuates the humanitarian crisis there,” Murphy said in a statement Friday. »

‘Alien’ 40th Anniversary: Ridley Scott, Tom Skerritt Reminisce – Variety

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But originally, the actor turned down “Alien,” which celebrates its 40th anniversary on May 25, though he thought Dan O’Bannon’s script read well.

“I was the fourth choice,” noted Scott, adding that Robert Altman had been offered the movie before him.

As to why “Alien” quickly entered the pop culture landscape and still endures four decades later, Scott said, “I think ‘Alien’ captured our most primordial fears. »

Mordekaiser abilities

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After three spells or attacks against a champion, Darkness Rise deals damage to nearby enemies and gives movement speed until Mordekaiser is out of combat.

Q - Obliterate Mordekaiser slams down his mace, dealing damage in an area or bonus damage to a single enemy.

Mordekaiser can cast again to consume 50% of the shield for health. »

Lawyer sentenced to 18 years for smashing chair on judge’s head

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JARANWALA: A lawyer was sentenced to 18 years and six months in prison on Thursday by an anti-terrorism court for assaulting a civil judge.

According to police, Lawyer Imran attacked Senior Civil Judge Khalid Mehmood over a minor tiff during hearing of a case in Jaranwala, Faisalabad on April 25.

The local lawyer hit the judge with a chair and busted his head wide open. »