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Tuesday May 28th, 2019 evening edition

image for Robert Mueller's silence has become a problem

Turns out, Robert Mueller is camera-shy.

Since being named special counsel in the Russia investigation two years ago, Mueller has out-Garboed Garbo in his ability to maintain a public silence.

Mueller's ability to keep his lips zipped was especially striking in contrast with President Trump, whose constant commentary on the investigation sometimes provided his critics with fresh ammunition.

Now, however, Mueller's reticence is becoming a problem.

The president has stood before cameras to proclaim that Mueller's report exonerates him of colluding with Russia, and of obstructing justice.

And we know Mueller has been frustrated because he believes that presentation has confused and even misled the public.

But if you're going to investigate a presidential administration in the 21st century, "political spectacle" is part of the job description. »

High Performance (Potato) Chips

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Not the kind of introduction you normally think of when someone speaks about high performance computing applications.

Lange said they have a heterogeneous computing environment — a shared memory SGI Altix system and a multi-hundred-node cluster.

With this capability they would be able to predict the stability and opacity properties of different liquid solutions. »

Scientists declare Earth has entered the 'Age of Man'

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The term means 'Age of man' and its origin will be back-dated to the middle of the 20th-century to mark when humans started irrevocably damaging the planet.

The explosion of chicken farming and increased fossil fuel incineration are also potential signs of the Anthropocene, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Many experts agree the Anthropocene has begun, but how to classify the origin of this geological epoch is hotly debated. »

Google’s Shadow Work Force: Temps Who Outnumber Full-Time Employees

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In response to the issues with its temp work force, Google is both trying to improve their treatment and distancing itself from their management.

Many contractors who reported to a Google employee are now being managed by another contractor, who is the only one permitted to speak to full-time employees, three of the workers said.

Ms. Cruz’s sister, Kristi Beck, said her sister had told her about the harassment while it had been going on. »