Rex Tillerson Says Trump Actively Avoided Confronting Russia Over Election Interference

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Former Secretary of State met with leaders of the House Foreign Affairs committee on Tuesday. The Daily Beast reports:

Tillerson reached out to the committee and expressed a willingness to meet, a committee aide said. In a more than six-hour meeting, he told members and staffers that the Trump administration actively avoided confronting Russia about allegations of interference in the election in an effort to develop a solid relationship with the Kremlin, a committee aide told The Daily Beast.

Not a big surprise, I guess, but it’s always nice to have insider confirmation. I suspect, however, that a desire to develop a “solid relationship with the Kremlin” wasn’t the only reason Trump didn’t confront Putin about this. He also wanted to make it clear that further interference in 2020 would be just peachy.

muncherofhay on May 23rd, 2019 at 00:31 UTC »

This, to be honest, is the biggest strike against Trump in my book... forget criminality, obstruction, collusion, etc...

Simply, factually, Russia attacked America. Russia is currently attacking ALL western allies right now. Russia is attacking the US, still, right now.

Whether you vote left or right, the simple expectation you should have of your president is that they acknowledge that fact, punish Russia in some meaningful way, and put in place protections so this doesn't keep happening.

If the president is not prepared to do that, they are aiding an enemy. And that is treason.

TheGame81677 on May 23rd, 2019 at 00:07 UTC »

Rex Tillerson is a greedy son of a bitch, but I think working for Trump took a toll on whatever morals he has. He has seemed genuinely upset and concerned about the whole Russia thing.

upnorthgirl on May 23rd, 2019 at 00:01 UTC »

Tillerson reached out, saying he was willing to discuss? All you folks out there, don’t be Hope Hicks & get subpoenaed- just call your local Representative!