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Thursday May 23rd, 2019 evening edition

image for NYPD officer says he inflated charge against Eric Garner

Officer Justin Damico said that after riding in an ambulance with the dying Garner, he filled out arrest papers listing a felony tax charge that would have required prosecutors to prove Garner, a small-time street hustler, had sold 10,000 untaxed cigarettes.

asked Suzanne O’Hare, a lawyer for the police watchdog agency bringing the disciplinary case against Pantaleo.

Damico acknowledged that the felony charge was incorrect because Garner actually had with him five packs of Newports that contained a total of less than 100 cigarettes.

Garner was ultimately posthumously charged with two misdemeanors, which alleged he resisted arrest and sold untaxed cigarettes.

Damico’s testimony was often revealing, giving the never-before-heard perspective of the one officer who had been with Pantaleo throughout the confrontation.

Once Pantaleo grabbed Garner and pulled him to the ground, Damico said he just assumed that Garner was faking unresponsiveness — “playing possum” — to get out of being arrested.

An officer who arrived as Garner was being restrained testified that he had the same thought. »

Guardiola alla Juve per 24 milioni l'anno, il 4 giugno si firma l'accordo

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Di ufficiale ancora non c'è nulla, e su Internet i tifosi continuano a discutere su chi siederà sulla panchina della Juve.

Già ieri il nome dell'allenatore spagnolo aveva acceso l'entusiasmo dei tifosi dopo una stories pubblicata da Miralem Pjanic sul suo profilo Instagram.

I tre anni di Guardiola in Inghilterra si sono chiusi con la vittoria della Premier e l'uscita ai quarti dalla Champions League. »

CEO of small Florida bank loaned Trump millions in 2018, then got Federal Reserve post

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President Trump borrowed millions in 2018 from a small Florida bank whose chief executive was appointed to a Federal Reserve position just months later.

Trump borrowed the money through a limited liability company and used it to purchase a mansion owned by his sister next door to his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Trump’s sister, Maryanne Barry, retired as a federal judge earlier this year amid an investigation into alleged tax fraud by her family. »

Letter makes plea to rich over climate

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Biomass Biomass is plant or animal material used to produce energy or as raw materials for other products.

The simplest example is cow dung; another is compressed wood pellets, which are now used in some power stations.

Scientists say it is urgent that policy-makers halve global carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 or risk triggering changes that could be irreversible. »

Apex Legends’ revenue drops drastically for a second month in a row

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Unfortunately, it appears Apex‘s fiery start has fizzled out—the game’s revenue has plummeted for the second month in a row, according to SuperData Research.

Apex Legends generated $24 million in April 2019, which may seem like a large amount to some people.

This, however, is only about a quarter of what Apex made in its launch month. »