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Monday May 20th, 2019 night edition

image for Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump and Kushner Accounts

Kerrie McHugh, a Deutsche Bank spokeswoman, said the company had intensified its efforts to combat financial crime.

“At no time was an investigator prevented from escalating activity identified as potentially suspicious,” she added.

Amanda Miller, a spokeswoman for the Trump Organization, the umbrella company for the Trump family’s many business interests, said: “We have no knowledge of any ‘flagged’ transactions with Deutsche Bank.”

She said the Trump Organization currently has “no operating accounts with Deutsche Bank.”

She did not respond when asked if other Trump entities had accounts.

Karen Zabarsky, a spokeswoman for Kushner Companies, said: “Any allegations regarding Deutsche Bank’s relationship with Kushner Companies which involved money laundering is completely made up and totally false.

Mr. Trump and his family sued Deutsche Bank in April, seeking to block it from complying with the congressional subpoenas. »

Police shootings: California could limit when officers shoot to kill

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Fatal police shootings could become a crime under proposed California law.

"This new bill would make the preservation of life law enforcement's top priority in California," said Stoughton, who wrote letters to California lawmakers in support of the bill.

AB 392's co-sponsor, Assembly member Shirley Weber, D-San Diego, said the law would encourage police to consider nonlethal methods when bringing suspects into custody. »

The far-right Australian politician who blamed the New Zealand mass shooting on immigration was voted out of office

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Several news outlets witnessed the incident, footage of which shows the teen cracking an egg over his head.

The senator responded by punching the 17-year-old teen, who was then tackled to the ground by Anning's supporters in the crowd.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison condemned the comment, writing on Twitter "Those views have no place in Australia, let alone the Australian parliament.". »

Research Shows Religious People Believe They Are Morally Superior, But Their Motivations Are Largely Egoistic

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Investigating the link between religiosity and morality are two new studies conducted by Sarah J.

“Indeed, the highly contextualized nature of religious prosociality suggests that the motivations underlying religious people’s sense of morality may be more in service of egoistic concerns.”.

“People may pursue moral identity (or religion) for self-enhancing motivations, such as feeling that one is morally superior to others or displaying one’s prosociality publicly in hopes of social acclaim,” Ward said. »

Apple CEO Tim Cook urges college grads to 'push back' against algorithms that promote the 'things you already know, believe, or like'

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Under his leadership, for example, Apple has boosted its sustainability efforts and now runs on 100% renewable energy.

"In a world where we obsessively document our own lives, most of us don't pay nearly enough attention to what we owe one another," Cook said.

Cook stressed the importance of listening to others and being open to seeing the world in a different way. »