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Sunday May 19th, 2019 night edition

image for US pastor runs network giving 50,000 Ugandans bleach-based 'miracle cure'

An American pastor from New Jersey backed by a British former clairvoyant is running a network that gives up to 50,000 Ugandans a “miracle cure” made from industrial bleach, claiming drinking the toxic fluid eradicates cancer, HIV/Aids, malaria and most other diseases.

Baldwin, 52, is importing bulk shipments of the components of MMS, sodium chlorite and citric acid, into Uganda from China.

As an inducement, Baldwin is offering smartphones to those clerics who are especially “committed” to spreading the bleach cure.

The “church” advertises itself as “using the power of Almighty God … to greatly reduce the loss of life” in Africa.

“We don’t want to draw any attention,” he said during the call, a recording of which has been heard by the Guardian.

“When you draw attention to MMS you run the risk of getting in trouble with the government or drug companies.

The Guardian contacted Baldwin by phone in New Jersey and asked the pastor to explain his work in Uganda. »

Cannabis plant evolved super high (on the Tibetan Plateau)

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Intriguingly, this site is only a few hundred kilometres from a cave that researchers recently announced was once home to our ancient Denisovan cousins.

This is because cannabis lives on open grassy steppes, so its pollen usually occurs with the pollen of steppe plants.

There is cannabis pollen in the sand and dirt of Denisova Cave in Siberia, where Denisovan fossils were first identified. »

Police ask McDonald's to halt milkshake sales during Farage rally

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This is due to a police request given recent events.”.

Someone clearly got wind. A McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed they had been asked to stop sales of its milkshake and McFlurry products on Friday evening.

Benjamin is being investigated by police for rape comments targeted at the Labour MP Jess Phillips. »

Thailand: disabled dog rescues baby buried alive by teenage mother

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A disabled dog named Ping Pong has become the pride of his village in north-east Thailand, after rescuing a baby boy who had been buried alive by his teenage mother.

A 15-year-old girl, who has not been named, confessed to burying her baby and was charged with attempted murder.

“I heard a dog barking and a baby crying in a cassava plantation, so I went there to check,” he told local media. »

Dozens of graduates walk out in protest of Pence address

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Dozens of students and faculty at Taylor University in Indiana reportedly walked out of a graduation ceremony Saturday minutes before Vice President Pence took the stage to deliver the commencement address.

The school’s social work department also made stickers that said “We are Taylor too” to protest Pence’s presence.

Pence tweeted Saturday morning to thank Indiana for a "warm welcome" ahead of his commencement address. »