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Thursday May 16th, 2019 night edition

image for Trump supporters who donated to GoFundMe wall now worry they got scammed

Trump supporters who donated to a GoFundMe campaign aiming to fund portions of the president’s proposed border wall are worried they were scammed.

In December, triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage became a right-wing sensation after he raised more than $20 million for a GoFundMe campaign aiming to raise $1 billion to fund parts of Trump’s proposed wall.

taking advantage of the United States taxpayers,” and the “political games from both parties.”.

In January, Kolfage pledged to refund “every single penny” of the money if the campaign did not hit its $1 billion goal.

After founding the organization, Kolfage told the New York Times in January that the project would break ground within “weeks.”

“The lack of updates is very concerning,” Joshua Greene, a Trump supporter who donated to the effort, told the outlet.

“I knew Brian had some previous shady GoFundMe campaigns,” Joshua Greene told The Daily Beast. »

The Surprising Truth About Perfectionism in Millennials

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Because their coddled them, so the argument goes, an entire generation of young people has become unable to fend for themselves.

Social and political influences create a certain socially shared reality, and their effects trickle down to your very own neighborhood, , and family.

It is important to keep this in mind when examining the generational trends that Curran and Hill reported from their study. »

to carry a pregnancy by their rapist. This law would force people w/ mental disabilities to carry pregnancy by rape to term. This law forces people to be pregnant against their own consent. It’s horri

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