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Monday May 13rd, 2019 morning edition

image for Baolan on Doublelift and CoreJJ: "They’re a good bot lane...for North America"

Invictus have also outpaced every other region here so far, and now sit in first place by a wide margin.

Invictus support Wang "Baolan" Liu-Yi met with Upcomer to break down Invictus’ strategies at MSI so far, rate the other teams, and shit-talk NA.

Your win against SKT was the fastest game in international event history, how did you do that?.

Baolan: I think it was a flaw of the Sona, Taric combination bot lane.

Who then is the hardest bot duo you and Jackeylove have had to face just in terms of laning?

They’re a good bot lane...for North America.

How long do you think it’ll be before someone can beat your record at the fastest game internationally?. »

Belfast teacher still in class of her own for shouting

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The Belfast primary school teacher bellowed her way into the world record books in 1994 with a thunderous bellow of the word (what else?)

The shout clocked up an earth-shattering 121.7 decibels, setting a world record and potentially damaging the hearing of anyone within earshot.

Corey Taylor, lead singer of renowned heavy metal outfit Slipknot was on the show - and even he was blown away. »


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He would shoot the film in France and Italy, for their grand locations, and Yugoslavia, for their cheap armies.

These were pre-CG days, and he arranged to borrow 40,000 Romanian infantry and 10,000 cavalry for the battles.

In the early 1980s, he still talked of wanting to make the film, but it wasn't to be. »

'She feels like my neighbor': Elizabeth Warren is surprisingly winning voters on the campaign trail by not acting like a politician

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Despite her reputation for wonkery, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been able to connect with people on the campaign trail.

OSAGE, Iowa (AP) — Before Elizabeth Warren pitches voters on her tax plan, she talks about her memories of her mom's struggle to pay the mortgage.

After losing ground in the early fundraising chase, Warren appears to have steadied her campaign, building a strong foothold in Iowa. »

Trail Blazers vs. Nuggets

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From China to Canada and Philadelphia, Kawhi Leonard's incredible Game 7 buzzer-beater resonated with people around the globe.

The Eastern Conference finals between Toronto and Milwaukee will be a fascinating chess match.

Joel Embiid tries to describe his thoughts and emotions after Kawhi Leonard's game-winning shot and the 76ers' Game 7 loss to the Raptors. »