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Sunday May 12nd, 2019 day edition

image for Why Sarah Halley Finn is Marvel’s Secret Weapon

And that person is casting director Sarah Halley Finn.

Sarah Halley Finn is one of the most successful casting directors on the planet.

Having started out in theater, she joined Paramount Pictures as Director of Features Casting in 1997, and began a successful business partnership with Randi Hiller.

Finn was good with action, casting the likes of The Scorpion King, Walking Tall, Stealth and Never Back Down.

She also had as keen eye when it came to sports movies, overseeing Varsity Blues, Miracle, Coach Carter and Gridiron Gang.

She’s cast every film in the MCU aside from The Incredible Hulk — a film where it’s interesting to note that the casting didn’t really work out.

Back in 2012, Sarah Finn did an interview in which she listed her top tips for landing a role. »

187 countries sign plastic waste agreement

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The governments of 187 countries agreed to add plastic to the United Nations-supported Basel Convention, which regulates the transfer of certain materials between borders, CNN reported Saturday.

The U.S. did not participate in the talks regarding plastic because it is one of just two countries that has not ratified the treaty, according to CNN.

He also said it would create a "transparent and traceable system for the export and import of plastic waste.". »

Saskatchewan man rips down, burns Nazi flag flying on house

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A Saskatchewan man says he ripped down and burned a Nazi flag that was hanging on the roof of a house in the village of Kelliher.

Caleb Pelletier told CTV Regina that he decided to take down the red and black swastika flag after it became clear that “authorities weren’t going to.”.

On Friday, Kelliher Mayor Darcy King said that the man who hung the flag was a 34 year old who “never grew up” and was living with his grandfather. »

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