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Wednesday May 8th, 2019 evening edition

image for Proposal to spend 25% of EU budget on climate change

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Schoolchildren have been protesting climate change inaction in recent months across Europe.

Eight European countries have called for an ambitious strategy to tackle climate change – and to spend a quarter of the entire EU budget on fighting it.

"The EU budget currently under negotiation will be an important tool in this respect: at least 25% of the spending should go to projects aimed at fighting against climate change," the paper said.

The paper also added that "as a general principle" the EU budget should not fund anything which would add to climate emissions.

The goal of a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050 is not new - it was proposed by the European Commission, which is the starting point for European Union legislation, in November 2018.

Poland, which still relies on coal for power, is among the central European nations opposed to such plans.

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Trump explains his businesses lost so much because he was avoiding tax

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Donald Trump has responded angrily to reports his businesses recorded more than $1bn in losses, explaining they did so to avoid paying tax.

You always wanted to show losses for tax purposes....almost all real estate developers did - and often re-negotiate with banks, it was sport.

Mr Trump is the first president since Watergate to decline to make his tax returns public. »

Lionel Messi broke down in tears in Barcelona’s Anfield dressing room

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Lionel Messi broke down in tears after his dream of winning the Champions League for a fifth time with Barcelona collapsed against Liverpool.

Last season in the quarter-finals Barça beat Roma 4-1 at home but collapsed in the away leg to lose 3-0 in Rome and go out on away goals.

Messi was then selected for a drugs test by anti-doping officials and the team coach departed for Liverpool John Lennon Airport without him as a consequence. »

Newer diabetes drugs linked to 'flesh-eating' genital infection

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Also known as a "flesh-eating" disease, this infection attacks your genital or anal region and can quickly kill tissue as it spreads rapidly.

For comparison, the researchers looked for cases of Fournier gangrene in people taking other diabetes medications from 1984 to 2019.

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