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Tuesday May 7th, 2019 night edition

image for Riot Employees Prepare For Walkout Today

Los Angeles-based Riot Games employees are preparing for a walkout this afternoon in protest of the company’s stance on forced arbitration in what appears to be the first walkout at a major gaming studio.

Since late last year, five current and former Riot Games employees have filed lawsuits against the League of Legends publisher alleging, among other things, that Riot violated the California Equal Pay Act.

In late April, Riot filed a motion to block two of those lawsuits, filed by current employees, from being brought in front of a jury.

After news of the motion broke, some Riot employees channeled their anger into organizing a walkout.

In an email, a Riot representative told Kotaku that the company is supporting employees walking out today.

The workers participating in the walkout at Riot today are evoking and building on a deep legacy of worker democracy and power in the tech industries.”

Riot employees in Dublin will be hosting their own walkout on Tuesday in solidarity. »

Trump: 2 years of my term were ‘stollen’

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"[T]hey have stollen two years of my (our) Presidency (Collusion Delusion) that we will never be able to get back," President Donald Trump wrote online.

| Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images White House Trump: 2 years of my term were ‘stollen’.

President Donald Trump on Sunday floated the idea of extending his constitutionally limited time in office, complaining online that two years of his first White House term were “stollen” as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. »

Journal of Labor Economics: Press release

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They find that the higher the share of black students of the same gender in a grade, the more likely a white student is to have a black partner during adulthood.

Overall, interracial contact during childhood has important individual long-term behavioral consequences, including on discrimination and decisions regarding relationships.

While the findings do not impact labor market outcomes, there are significant effects on reported racial attitudes. »

What Does the XXX on Moonshine Jugs Mean?

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The “XXX” signifies how many times the moonshine batch had been run through the still.

Three X’s indicated that it had been run through three times and that the shine was pure alcohol.

While it is an effective device, you don’t get pure alcohol when you run a batch through the first time. »

Egypt thought Italian student was British spy, tortured and murdered him: report

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Egyptian police arrested and beat an Italian student who was later found murdered because they thought he was a British spy, according to fresh testimony reported by Italian newspapers on Sunday.

I myself hit him several times in the face,” the intelligence agent said, according to the Correre della Sera newspaper.

Egypt has always denied suggestions that its security services were involved in the death of Regeni, who was researching trade unions, a sensitive subject in Egypt. »