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Sunday April 28th, 2019 night edition

image for Former devs speak out about 'severe crunch' at Mortal Kombat studio

Tuesday's report about brutal crunch on Fortnite's development at Epic Games has spurred former NetherRealm developers to speak out about the working conditions at the Mortal Kombat studio.

"On [Mortal Kombat 9] crunch officially began after New Year's day 2011.

Of course, we did a bit of pre-crunch before that, just to make sure we were in a good spot for crunch.

"I took one day off between Jan 1 [2011] and the day the day 1 patch was approved.

It was my birthday, and it was on a Sunday, so it was ok if i was just on call.

Those were the only two days i didn't work from at least 10 am to at least midnight.

The people you work with help keep you sane but it took me years to get over the crunch mentality. »

Trump is ‘a threat to our world order’ and unworthy of UK state visit, Labour’s Emily Thornberry says

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Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said the US president’s plan to quit the agreement regulating arms sales between countries showed he was “nothing but a disgrace to his office”.

Her comments came as Jeremy Corbyn vowed to boycott a lavish banquet for Mr Trump when he visits the UK in June for a long-delayed state visit.

The Labour leader said Theresa May was wrong to “kowtow” to a president who “rips up vital international treaties”. »

Trump’s Stonewalling Pushes House Democrats Towards Impeachment

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Donald Trump’s declaration this week that his administration will stonewall “all the subpoenas” from Congress has pushed House Democrats to rethink their impeachment calculus.

Contempt of Congress was the third article of impeachment against Nixon— a piece of history that has been front-of-mind for congressional Democrats over the last few days.

And Democrats say they are prepared to hold members of the Trump administration in contempt if the stonewalling continues. “ »

Plant-based eating goes mainstream as Beyond Meat targets Canadian grocery shelves

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It has struck deals with major food chains like Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro and Longo's that will see the company's plant-based burger patties sold in thousands of Canadian grocery stores.

Robert Carter, a Toronto-based consumer analyst with NPD group, said Beyond Meat tapped into what was a slowly growing movement toward plant-based eating, and became a leader almost overnight.

His only beef is that he'd like to see a Canadian-made product growing so rapidly on Canadian shelves. »