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Sunday April 28th, 2019 evening edition

image for If Trump Weren’t President, He Would Already Be Charged

The Mueller Report even noted one reason to investigate the president was to preserve evidence for possible future use even though Trump can’t be charged now.

Another central piece of a criminal case for obstruction against Trump are his repeated efforts to curtail at least the scope of the special counsel investigation.

Trump said he wanted an attorney general who would “protect” him and repeatedly tried to push Sessions to do so.

When that failed, Trump directed then-White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to fire Sessions and Priebus refused. “

After Cohen’s office was raided by the FBI last April, Trump told Cohen to “stay strong” and lawyers connected to Trump discussed a possible pardon.

But, the criminal case against Donald Trump, private citizen, would be one that any federal prosecutor—regardless of their politics—should proudly pursue.

Right now the only thing standing between Trump and a federal courtroom is the office of the presidency. »

Why Volvo gave away the patent for their most important invention

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The life-saving three-point seat belt was too significant not to share, according to Volvo.

Volvo opened up the patent for the three-point seatbelt, which has now saved over 35,000 lives.

They decided that the invention was so significant, it had more value as a free life saving tool than something to profit from. »

19 Telangana students commit suicide in a week after 'goof-ups' in intermediate exam results; parents blame software firm

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In the last 24 hours, three students have taken their lives, taking the toll to 19 in Telangana in the span of one week.

Former TRS MLC Pathuru Sudhakar Reddy said the allegations linking KTR with the software firm were baseless.

“The rank war and subsequent stress induced by college managements and parents led students to commit suicides in the past. »

Customer mistreatment can harm your sleep quality, according to new psychology research

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Being mistreated by a customer can negatively impact your sleep quality and morning recovery state, according to new research published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

“I became interested in call center workers as their interaction with customers occur over the phone and they often report experiencing customer mistreatment.

The study, “Customer Mistreatment Harms Nightly Sleep and Next-Morning Recovery: Job Control and Recovery Self-Efficacy as Cross-Level Moderators“, was authored by YoungAh Park and Sooyeol Kim. »

At What Age Is Our Sense of Optimism at Its Highest?

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New research published in the journal Social Psychology and Science offers an in-depth look at how our sense of optimism evolves as we age.

At four time points across a seven-year period, participants were asked to complete the Life Orientation Test, a widely used and validated measure of optimism.

Participants were also asked 54 questions pertaining to various positive and negative life events they may have recently experienced. »