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Saturday April 27th, 2019 morning edition

image for City trees can offset neighborhood heat islands, Concordia researcher says

But a new study by a Concordia researcher takes a closer look at the phenomenon and what can be done to mitigate it.

"We found that to get the most cooling, you have to have about 40 per cent canopy cover, and this was strongest around the scale of a city block," she says.

"So if your neighbourhood has less than 40 per cent canopy cover, you'll get a little bit of cooling, but not very much.

Once you tip over that threshold, you really see large increases in how much you can cool areas off.".

Her research shows that during nighttime there is a much smaller difference in temperature between areas with significant canopy cover and those without.

"Once you have a certain critical mass of canopy, then each tree becomes more important when it comes to cooling temperatures.

Read the cited paper: "Scale-dependent interactions between tree canopy cover and impervious surfaces reduce daytime urban heat during summer. »

Beyond Meat’s IPO: vegan meats are going mainstream

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In total, Beyond Meat says its products are available in more than 35,000 outlets, from hotels and college campuses to grocery stores and sports stadiums.

Sales have been growing fast — last year the company reported revenues of $87.9 million, up from $32.6 million in 2017.

And while it’s the first plant-based meat company to go public, it looks likely that it won’t be the last. »

After video surfaces of a cop forcibly handcuffing a 9-year-old, officials in DC are reviewing police procedures

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(CNN) Washington, DC Attorney General Karl Racine says his office is reviewing the district's policies on how police interact with juveniles after a video surfaced this week of a police officer forcibly handcuffing a 9-year-old boy.

It depicts the boy "being horse-collared by the officer," DC Councilman Charles Allen told CNN.

She pointed to MPD's general orders, posted on the department's website, which discuss police procedures for handling juveniles. »

Teens prefer harm reduction messaging on substance use

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But a new study from researchers at the University of British Columbia and University of Calgary is showing the way forward.

“Teens told us that they generally tuned out abstinence-only or zero-tolerance messaging because it did not reflect the realities of their life,” said Jenkins.

“Either they or their peers were already using substances, or substance use was happening in their own family circles.”. »

Hubble hints today's universe expands faster than it did in the past

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In more recent years, astronomers have measured the expansion rate of today’s universe using the Hubble Space Telescope.

At the time, astronomers said the odds were something like 1 in 3,000 that the disagreements were a fluke.

The Hubble Constant is a measure of how fast a galaxy is moving compared to how far away it is. »