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Saturday April 27th, 2019 evening edition

image for Trump’s Stonewalling Pushes House Democrats Towards Impeachment

Donald Trump’s declaration this week that his administration will stonewall “all the subpoenas” from Congress has pushed House Democrats to rethink their impeachment calculus.

“I think the combination of the chilling depictions in the Mueller Report and Trump’s opacity is moving some members into the impeachment camp,” said one Democratic lawmaker.

And a senior Democratic aide told The Daily Beast that the temperature within the conference has gone up since Trump said point-blank that the White House fights all congressional subpoenas.

Contempt of Congress was the third article of impeachment against Nixon— a piece of history that has been front-of-mind for congressional Democrats over the last few days.

And Democrats say they are prepared to hold members of the Trump administration in contempt if the stonewalling continues. “

Trump’s personal lawyers, meanwhile, are fighting the House Oversight Committee’s subpoena of an accounting firm to obtain the president’s financial information.

The administration has also stiff-armed the House intelligence committee, where Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is looking to scrutinize Trump’s finances. »

City trees can offset neighborhood heat islands, Concordia researcher says

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"So if your neighbourhood has less than 40 per cent canopy cover, you'll get a little bit of cooling, but not very much.

Once you tip over that threshold, you really see large increases in how much you can cool areas off.".

Read the cited paper: "Scale-dependent interactions between tree canopy cover and impervious surfaces reduce daytime urban heat during summer. »

Squirrels Were Purposefully Introduced to American Cities

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Deciphering the Strange Behavior of Squirrels Squirrels are one of the most common animals found in urban and suburban areas, but many of their behaviors can go unnoticed.

You may have seen squirrels burying nuts, but what you may not have noticed is just how organized their stash is.

They found that squirrels sort their stores by food type, and exhibit complex body language, even showing signs of frustration. »