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Friday April 19th, 2019 morning edition

image for Facebook waited until the Mueller report dropped to tell us millions of Instagram passwords were exposed

While just about every reporter was poring over the document, Facebook updated a blog post from March indicating that passwords had been exposed, stored as readable text (as opposed to securely encrypted), for hundreds of millions of Facebook users and thousands of Instagram users.

It added a new paragraph to the middle of the post today indicating that a lot more Instagram users were affected than it originally thought:.

(Update on April 18, 2019 at 7AM PT: Since this post was published, we discovered additional logs of Instagram passwords being stored in a readable format.

We now estimate that this issue impacted millions of Instagram users.

Our investigation has determined that these stored passwords were not internally abused or improperly accessed).

Facebook said it would notify the impacted users and that there’s no evidence that anyone within or outside Facebook had access to the passwords.

But still, those users, and perhaps anyone else, might want to change their password or enable two-factor authentication just to make sure. »

New Crop of Satellites Will Identify Biggest Contributors to Climate Change

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A wave of satellites set to orbit the Earth will be able to pinpoint producers of greenhouse gases, right down to an individual leak at an oil rig.

They are looking to track nations, industries, companies and even individual facilities to identify some of the biggest contributors to climate change.

“Oftentimes both government and industry are not fully aware of the magnitude of the opportunity to cut emissions. »

The president must be impeached

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But politically, the road forward from this report is obvious: President Trump must be impeached in the House of Representatives.

Why would Mueller go to such great lengths to demonstrate that the president could have obstructed justice if he didn't fundamentally think that it happened?.

Second, President Trump is not remotely popular and thus has no pre-existing electoral majority to rally to his defense next year. »

James Pearce auf Twitter: "Barcelona charging #LFC fans €119 for tickets for the first leg at the Nou Camp. As a result Liverpool will charge Barca fans €119 for the game at Anfield and use the €31 ex

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