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Thursday April 18th, 2019 day edition

image for This is my service dog Toli. It’s his birthday so he got to pick out a new toy! : dogswithjobs

Your post should fit into one of our two categories:.

Serious Jobs: These are the true working dogs.

Police & military dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, sheep herding dogs, livestock guardian dogs, search & rescue dogs etc. Silly Jobs: These are dogs with pretend jobs.

Most often, silly jobs will be a dog dressed in a costume.

Shop dogs or office dogs usually fall into this category as well.

The most important thing is the silly job should be based off a real human job.

If moderators feel your post is stretching the idea of a silly job too far, it may be removed. »

Stephen King: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Fame

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The American novelist, Stephen Edwin King, is one of the world’s most recognized and successful horror authors of all time.

He did so much Cocaine that sticking cotton up his nose was the only way to stop blood from dripping on his typewriter.

Addiction can happen to any kind of person, even a famous author with a college education like Stephen King. »

Japan offers older drivers a ramen noodle discount in exchange for their driver’s license

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Up Next × SHARE COPY LINK Corie Rast, manager of the Columbus Park Ramen Shop, demonstrates the proper method to eat a bowl of ramen.

Aiichi Prefecture is offering senior citizens a discount at a ramen restaurant chain in exchange for giving up their drivers license, Japanese wire service Jiji Press reports.

Authorities are hoping to cut down on the number of traffic incidents involving older drivers which have been steadily increasing. »

The night Bob Dylan ‘talked’

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He went to Charlie, talked to him went back to piano, Charlie talking with Tony, it was obvious that he announced to immediately starting with It Takes A Lot To Laugh…, stopped again after approx.

half a minute, than Bob stood up, taking the center stage microphone and went in front of the audience, and what followed was the longest speech in years!

His reaction to avoid falling after he stumbled was absolutely stunning! »