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Wednesday April 17th, 2019 evening edition

image for Stunning Supercut Video Exposes The Fox News Double Standard On Trump And Obama

A new supercut video shows Fox News hosts slamming former President Barack Obama for the same actions that they either ignore or praise when it comes to President Donald Trump.

The footage, assembled by NowThis News, highlights personalities on the right-wing network attacking the former president for golfing, tweeting, executive actions, criticizing the press and being “almost obsessed with cable TV,” among other things.

However, the footage was edited to remove Obama’s name ― and with that context excised, most of the commentary could just as easily refer to Trump:.

What if Fox News covered Trump the way it covered Obama?

The video features Fox News personalities who were on the air during the Obama years, and several are no longer with the network.

Bill O’Reilly, for example, left in disgrace in 2017 amid New York Times reports that he spent a total of $45 million to settle multiple sexual harassment allegations.

Many of the hosts who’ve joined Fox News since then are very supportive of Trump. »

The Coming Obsolescence of Animal Meat

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The nugget was served to me to demonstrate that Just isn’t vaporware, in Silicon Valley parlance, or in this case, vapor-poultry.

Just has been mired in turmoil in recent years, as board members resigned and former employees complained of shoddy science.

“That, to me, is what it’s gonna take in order to break the dam of a habit,” Tetrick said. »

Deutsche Bank faces action over $20bn Russian money-laundering scheme

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Germany’s troubled Deutsche Bank faces fines, legal action and the possible prosecution of “senior management” because of its role in a $20bn Russian money-laundering scheme, a confidential internal report seen by the Guardian says.

Deutsche Bank was used to launder the money via its corresponding banking network – effectively allowing illegal Russian payments to be funnelled to the US, the European Union and Asia.

Deutsche Bank said it could not comment on “potential or ongoing investigations”, or on “any matters regarding our regulators”. »

Notre-Dame fire: International call for architects to design new spire

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France is to invite architects from around the world to submit their designs for a new spire to sit atop a renovated Notre-Dame cathedral.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told reporters they hoped for "a new spire that is adapted to the techniques and the challenges of our era".

They sounded at 16:50 GMT to mark the exact moment when the blaze started on Monday. »