Bernie Sanders releases 10 years of tax returns, showing how his 2016 presidential run vaulted him into wealth

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(CNN) Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday released a decade of tax returns, providing new insight into how the Democratic socialist senator from Vermont became a millionaire between his two presidential runs.

According to returns provided by his campaign, Sanders and wife Jane's bottom line jumped from $240,622 in 2015, the year he launched his first White House bid, to $1,073,333 a year later, as the once obscure lawmaker became a political sensation on the left and a bestselling author with royalties pouring in.

Since that first run, Sanders and his wife made a total of more than $2.79 million, putting them in the category of the super-rich.

Sanders in a statement said the returns "show that our family has been very fortunate."

"I consider paying more in taxes as my income rose to be both an obligation and an investment in our country," he added. "I will continue to fight to make our tax system more progressive so that our country has the resources to guarantee the American Dream to all people."

Kennydoe on April 16th, 2019 at 01:11 UTC »

"When I was poor and complained about inequality they said I was bitter; now that I'm rich and I complain about inequality they say I'm a hypocrite. I'm beginning to think they just don't want to talk about inequality." Russell Brand

PM-Me-Nickels on April 15th, 2019 at 23:41 UTC »

Sanders in 2018 made $110 in music royalties, presumably for his 1987 folk album, "We Shall Overcome,"

Bernie signing his royalty checks.

Kujobites on April 15th, 2019 at 23:34 UTC »

Bernie just did his Fox news Town hall.

Imagine a live audience of FOX viewers cheering for a 70 year old democratic socialist, while the hosts stare on in complete disbelief.

Trump is going to be really pissed if he catches this on replay.